ICYMI: Mom Recap for Vinyl Flooring and a Cartoon Bear

ICYMI: Mom Recap for Vinyl Flooring and a Cartoon Bear

“Vinyl Flooring and a Cartoon Bear” – Bonnie and Tammy’s friendship is tested when they take on a big project together. Also, the women worry about a fracture in their tight-knit group, on MOM, Thursday, April 22 (9:01-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (L-R): Kristen Johnston as Tammy, Allison Janney as Bonnie, and Dan Bucatinsky as Arthur Photo credit: Michael Yarish/2021 CBS Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ICYMI: Mom Recap for Vinyl Flooring and a Cartoon Bear

The episode opens with Tammy (Kristen Johnston) and Bonnie (Allison Janney) preparing their office, while Adam (William Fichtner)watches and snarks on Bonnie’s Star Trek-esque chair. However, both women are so excited that they don’t care that he is making fun of her.

Tammy asks Adam to take their picture by the sign, but he accidentally takes a selfie, which results in him wondering if his hair always looks so crazy.

At the bistro, Bonnie and Tammy show their new website to Jill (Jaime Pressly), Wendy (Beth Hall) and Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy). Bonnie says Felix helped them. Marjorie wonders if it is Felix from their meetings, but Bonnie says it is the fifth grader living in her building.

Bonnie continues to show off the site, which is filled with exaggerations, including a review from Marjorie’s cat. . She sees nothing wrong with it, but the other women are not comfortable with the lies.

The waitress comes over with an ice cream sundae for the ladies to share, but Jill refuses to eat it because she is off sugar. She says she craves it all the time and wants to stop said cravings. Tammy has faith that she can stick with it and Jill thinks she is the best. This leads to Bonnie writing another fake review on the website.

Later on, Tammy and Bonnie are working with a new client named Arthur (Dan Bucatinsky) , who wants a basement apartment made for his mother-in-law. He makes comments on why it is so important she have her own space, especially since his husband is an only child. He and Bonnie bond over this, and then get down to business. She ends up making a ton of promises she and Tammy cannot deliver, even though their website says otherwise.

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In the car, Tammy is upset over this and tries to talk to Bonnie about why it is a bad idea. However, Bonnie argues that they need to do it in order to keep up with the male-dominated competition. Tammy is still upset over this and thinks it will be a disaster in the end.

At the meeting, Jill complains about her sugar detox, while Tammy talks about the business. She says she is grateful to Bonnie and that things are going well, which makes her break out into hives because she is lying.

Bonnie piggybacks on Tammy’s share, saying she also thinks things are going well. This causes Tammy’s hives to get worse and Wendy to worry.

All three women also end up accidentally insulting Marjorie, but apologize.

Tammy works some more on the project for Arthur, who wants to add more things he saw on the website. At first, Tammy says they can do it, but her hives get worse and she ends up confessing everything, leading to them getting fired from the job.

Bonnie is on the phone making more exaggerated promises when Tammy comes in to tell her the bad news. This leads to the women getting into a major fight and bringing up the past. They declare their business partnership over as Tammy storms out.

At the next meeting, Jill is overly happy about her sugar detox, while Tammy and Bonnie continue to not speak. This upsets Wendy, who tries to talk it over with Marjorie.

Tammy and Bonnie continue to glare at each other. Bonnie finally moves and turns her back so she no longer has to look at her.

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Later on, Tammy is at work with Adam, who encourages her to vent about her problem with Bonnie. He gives her some advice on how to handle it and set boundaries. She begins to talk and vent some more, but as she gets to the topic of her parents, jumps up to go back to work. Adam says she can finish her thought, but she says a boundary is a boundary,

Bonnie is packing things up in the office with Gus the dog when Marjorie comes by to talk to her about the Tammy situation. Bonnie vents and refuses to listen to Marjorie at first, but then calms down when Marjorie gives her some words of wisdom and sound advice.

Tammy comes over to talk to Bonnie, who gets stuck moving her chair downstairs. The door is locked (thanks to Marjorie ‘breaking in’), so she comes in the back door to find Bonnie stuck. As she helps her move, the ladies talk things out and make up.

The ladies talk things over with Arthur and come clean about everything, including Tammy’s prison stint. He is hesitant to hire them, but he agrees when Bonnie offers to take his mother in law to lunch for several hours a week. He is still iffy about the prison stint, but they brush it off as no big deal.

The episode ends with everyone at the bistro with Arthur’s mom. The waitress comes over to ask what they want to eat and Jill orders a sundae for herself because the no sugar diet made her boobs shrink. Arthur’s mom says a good rack will get her married.

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