AGT Fantasy League Recap for 1/1/2024

AGT Fantasy League Recap for 1/1/2024

AGT Fantasy League Recap for 1/1/2024


This is the premiere episode of AGT Fantasy League on NBC. Terry Crews hosts, while Mel B, Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel judge.

Forty acts will compete to work with a judge, who will assemble a team of ten. The judges will then mentor the teams in hopes of bringing them to the finale….and getting a win. The winner will then get $240,000.


The top five will be announced at the end of the broadcast, with Mel B getting a Golden Buzzer.


Kristy Sellers: Team Howie—Season 17

She does another pole dance with multimedia storytelling. This one has her dropping into different worlds and escaping dangerous situations. It’s quite interesting and inventive.

The judges love her and how she took them on an intense journey.


Jon Dorenbos—Team Mel—Season 11

He does a magic show with a deck of cards, which he hands out to the judges. He talks about fatherhood and surrounding himself with greatness. This leads to the judges shuffling cards and him finding specific ones…all while giving a motivational speech.

The judges call him a true champion and think he is incredible.


Hans—Team Mel—Season 13

He is back and better than ever with his comedy….adding dance, singing and instruments. I have no idea what to make of it, but the fact that he is playing on Liberace’s original piano is quite impressive and has to be a huge honor for him.


The judges love the joy he brings to the stage, but Simon isn’t a fan.

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Kseniya Simonova—Team Howie—AGT Champions/Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009

Her sand art tells a beautiful story of a son leaving his mother to go into space. As the story progresses, the son returns….in the form of one of her own sons to give her a hug onstage.

The judges find it emotional, but think she got a bit lost at one point.


  1. Unbeatable—Team Howie—Season 14—AGT Champions 2

This is one of my all-time favorite acts! I love every moment of it and am sitting on the edge of my seat watching them. How they managed to get scooters into the act is beyond me, but I love all of it! This is the best act of the night so far.

The judges think they are ‘unbeatable’ and really stepped it up.


Maria Seiren—Team Mel—Japan’s Got Talent

She is an opera singer who can do both the soprano and tenor parts. It is quite amazing to watch and I love how she manages to make the act her own….WOW.

Howie isn’t a fan, but the others think it is a surprising act.


Billy and Emily England—Team Simon—Season 12/AGT Champions

They do a danger act on skates which involves flaming knives, acrobatics and lots of tricks. I usually hate danger acts…but this one changed my mind. I am in awe of them and think they not only have incredible talent, but they have even better chemistry.


The judges love every moment of it and think that this is what the show is all about….so much so that Mel uses her Golden Buzzer to steal the act! They are going to the finals!

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Tape Face—Team Mel—Season 11/AGT Champions

Mel and Howie are a part of his act, with Simon joining in. Simon is blindfolded and left there to….chill? I am so confused. There is also a puppet dancing, which leaves me even more confused.


The judges think it is good, but Simon makes a crack that he felt like a Spice Girl onstage.


Shadow Ace—Team Howie—Season 18

I remember really liking this act last year. It is sad that losing the show led to Phillip becoming depressed, but I am happy his fans supported him and got him through it.

Howie is a part of it and he uses his head for the act? Okay…..there are a lot of songs used, including A Thousand Miles, Baby Got Back and Hot in Here. It is quite interesting to say the least.

The judges find it hilarious.


Kodi Lee—Team Simon—Season 14 Winner/AGT All-Stars

He is probably my favorite act of all time. This time, he sings an original song he composed himself. I love how supportive Simon is before the performance….which is powerful and emotional. I am blown away by it….but wonder….where has he been hiding this part of his talent? He is a fantastic composer too!


Mel wishes she still had her buzzer, while everyone else wishes they could add him to their team.


The acts moving on are—Billy and Emily, V Unbeatable, Kodi Lee, Shadow Ace, Kseniya and Kristy.


More next week, stay tuned!

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