ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Dame Booty Clench

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Dame Booty Clench

ICYMI: Call Me Kat Recap for Call Me Dame Booty Clench

The episode opens with Kat and Max on the couch, watching a movie and making out. She is getting turned on by the movie, even though he finds it boring. He decides to go with it and continues to turn her on.


However, they are interrupted by Sheila, who needs her to pick up batteries for her smoke detector. Kat reluctantly agrees to go, but not before Sheila also asks for milk. Max stays behind and googles math terms.


Kat arrives at Sheila’s, only to be greeted by her snark.



The next day, Max and Kat arrive at the cafe to see Randi, Carter and Phil. They are both complaining about Sheila, but Randi doesn’t think she is that bad. This upsets Kat, who is upset that Randi gets cards from Sheila and she doesn’t.


Phil’s crush Jalen walks in and they all pretend he said something funny. Phil introduces them and then they all make plans to see Jalen’s drag show that night.


After Jalen leaves, the gang continues to talk. Sheila then calls for more help from Kat. She rushes off to her rescue.


That night, Carter and Randy are at Jalen’s show, where he is in character as Queen Dicktoria. Everyone gets roasted, except for Carter, who wonders why he wasn’t included.  Phil gets jealous that Queen Dicktoria has so many fans.

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Kat and Max bring Sheila home after running errands. Sheila keeps being demanding, so Kat finally puts her foot down and says she can’t take her to yoga. Sheila guilts her into it, but Max tells Sheila she needs to stop demanding things from Kat.



Back at the club, Carter is upset for being mistaken for the guy who played Urkel. Phil continues to be insecure as Queen Dicktoria performs and gets fanfare from the audience….until Queen Dicktoria kisses him.


The next day, Phil is falling asleep at work. He says he and Jalen went out the night before and goes to take a nap in Kat’s bed.


Sheila goes to see Kat, who hides. Randi tries to cover for her, but no avail. Kat finally talks to her mom, who says that she is selling the house and moving into a retirement home. Kat is shocked and upset over this news, which leads to them fighting as they do more errands.


Carter continues to whine about his insecurities and not getting attention at the club. Randi doesn’t want to hear it, but Max pumps up his ego.


Phil comes down after a nap, only to find his drawers missing and his brownies burnt. He has a meltdown over his relationship and how he can’t continue to party. Meanwhile, Carter poses with a fire extinguisher to make himself seem more manly. Max thinks it is funny, Randi does not.


Kat calls Sheila to talk some more about the moving situation when her dad appears to have a heart to heart over everything. He helps her see that this is also hard for Sheila. They continue to bond until Kat feels better.

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Later on, Kat brings Sheila wind chimes as a housewarming gift and they have a talk about everything, coming to an understanding.


The episode ends with Jalen as Queen Dicktoria talks to Phil and they agree to slow down on the partying. Another show begins, Carter gets his much wanted attention and the episode comes to a close.

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