Special Forces World’s Toughest Test Recap for 11/13/2023

Special Forces World's Toughest Test Recap for 11/13/2023

Special Forces World’s Toughest Test Recap for 11/13/2023

-The recruits are at day 6 of their mission. Jack Osbourne is struggling and is having heart rate issues. He has the staff check it out and is sent to the doctor.

-After a thorough examination, he is kept under observation.

-It is time for the next task, which teaches them how to handle a helicopter crash. They are plunged into icy cold water and must stay in the seat for fifteen seconds. Once they are given the signal, they will leave the seat, grab a life jacket and swim back to shore.

-Erin Jackson is scared, so Tyler Cameron comforts her before she takes her turn.

-Erin panics during the task and ends up taking in water. She exits without her life jacket and fails the task.

-One by one, the others do the task. Nick Viall is scared, while Bode Miller looks back on how he lost his daughter in a drowning accident.

-Tyler passes and tells JoJo Siwa that she will be okay. She tries to help everyone keep warm with dance moves, but ends up getting yelled at by the staff.

-It seems like Bode and Tom Sandoval also passed, but it is unclear if Nick did.

-JoJo took her breath too early, causing everyone to panic. However, she fights through and passes and gets a hug from Tyler.

-JoJo and Erin have a heart to heart, where JoJo admits that she has been struggling.

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-Jack has to be medically withdrawn due to his heart issues. Everyone hugs him and he gives JoJo his beanie for good luck.

-The staff decides to talk to JoJo. They don’t like her happy, giggly self….and it causes her to open up about her insecurities. She talks about growing up on TV and with social media constantly judging her. The staff tells her she has a lot of potential and they want to see her go deeper within herself to make it to the end.

-Everybody goes potty together!!!!

-The next task has them thinking about what they will fight to the death for….the Redman. They will fight him and find their ultra-aggression.

-Tom fails to summon enough aggression.

-One by one, everyone else fights the Redman. It seems like Nick passes, but it is unclear where everyone else stands.

-Tyler seems to go completely crazy on the Redman.

-The task was how to turn off feelings while in the battlefield.

-Tyler is called for a talk with the staff. He admits he lost a bit of discipline in the task and that he wants to go back to what is important in life. He talks about fame and how he lost his mom in 2020 and how it all changed his life.

-The staff now has everyone write letters to their families in case of their deaths. It is a very moving, emotional scene and everyone is in tears.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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