Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Recap for 9/25/2023

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test Recap for 9/25/2023

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Recap for 9/25/2023

-Season two is here with all new celebrities ready to take on the World’s Toughest Test.

-So far, Jojo Siwa is impressing me….and oddly enough, so is Tom Sandoval.

-All of this reminds me of my own boot camp experience in high school when I was in NJROTC.

-Wait…Tara Reid is 47? She has been around forever, but I thought she was a lot younger.

-This navigating over the poles high up in the air would freak me the fuck out…..I am terrified of heights and having someone scream at me while I was trying to get across would have me breaking out the Depends.

-Having everyone as a number is super confusing.

-Tara is freaking out and it is giving me secondhand anxiety.

-Jack Osbourne is super impressive so far….he might be one of the ones to watch…even though he failed the mission, he seems very determined to do well.

-So far, everyone is failing this.

-Angela White, aka Blac Chyna is told to calm her attitude. ‘

-It looks like everyone failed this mission so far.

-Savannah Chrisley passed, as did Tom, Bode Miller and Dez Bryant. One other also passed, but it was unclear as to who it was.

-Tara gets in trouble for having cigarettes.

-JoJo seems to find everything funny….which the people in charge hate, but might be a coping mechanism?

-I never realized how sheltered JoJo was and that she was never away from her parents.

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-Why did we only see JoJo being questioned?

-The next set of tests has Tara struggling the most…with Jack falling behind. The PT is bringing back such memories.

-Dez gets super sick from the PT.

-Tara is called into a meeting and ends up collapsing on her way to get her pants.

-Tara is told she is not in the best shape physically, but she admits she is there to prove herself as worthy to the bullies. She is told to channel that and use is as fuel to not give up. She is determined to do well.

-Angela and Brian seem to get into it over Brian’s demeanor. She goes off to cry as the episode comes to a close.

-More next week. Stay tuned/


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