Bob Hearts Abishola Season Three Finale Recap

Bob Hearts Abishola Season Three Finale Recap


Bob Hearts Abishola Season Three Finale Recap

The finale opens with Bob, Dele, Tunde, Ebun, Olu and Abishola at church. Bob notices there is a new pastor and discovers the old one transferred to a megachurch in Chicago. Tunde is upset about this and Olu explains that he gets attached to pastors.


Bob compares it to being attached to football coaches and then the sermon begins. Dele is impressed with the pastor’s Air Jordans, while the adults enjoy the sermon. Bob says they are going to the Super Bowl with this guy.


Afterward, the gang are joined by Morenike and Ogechi to meet the pastor. Ogechi makes the pastor a plate of food, skipping the plantains Morenike made because she is a nontraditional member of the church. She tells the pastor that Morenike is a lesbian. He shakes Morenike’s hand, welcomes her to the church and gets plantains. Tunde tells her it was a hit and miss for Ogechi.

While he is getting his food, Ebun insults him, while Bob emphasizes because he was treated the same way.


At the warehouse, Kofo, Christina and Douglas meet with Dottie and are given bonuses. Kofo is excited and they all talk about ‘the system.’


That night, Bob is reading the Bible when Ebun walks in. The two of them debate about the new pastor….and religion as a whole. This leads to them calling the pastor to get answers.


The next day, Kofo walks in wearing designer clothes, which confuses Goodwin. He wonders how he can afford it and then realizes he is the only one who didn’t get a bonus.

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Later on, Olu is on the phone with a member of the congregation. She is in charge of the prayer list now that Ogechi is taken off the job. Tunde and Olu thank Morenike for it because they think she is the reason it all happened.


Goodwin talks to Bob, upset that he didn’t get a bonus. Bob explains it is because he is the vice president and got them more business. He also says that one day he will be running the company, which leads to him getting more upset over the issue, especially when Douglas comes in wearing his own designer clothes and offering to buy sushi.


Bob goes to talk to Dottie about giving Goodwin a bonus, but she is against the idea. She thinks it will lead to them giving more benefits, but then she says she will do it by taking away Bob’s bonus, upsetting him.


At the hospital, Abishola is eating her lunch, which was cooked by Ebun. Gloria and Kemi think that she is dying, but Abishola says that Ebun’s attitude changed due to the new pastor. Gloria thinks Ebun is in a good place, while Kemi thinks she just has the hots for the pastor.


The next Sunday, Bob is texting the pastor, saying he is now really looking forward to going to church. Ogechi comes by and tells Olu and Tunde that the pastor likes a married woman in the church. They want to know her identity, but Ogechi does not know.

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At that moment, Ebun arrives, all dressed up, arising suspicion in the gang. Everyone gets more suspicious that she likes the pastor when she looks smitten during the sermon.


The episode ends with Bob promising Goodwin a bonus next year….just as he heads into an interview with Christina.


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