The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 1/3/2024

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 2/14/2024

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 1/3/2024

-Kyle is right, Lent is over…..or Erika forgot that she gave up fighting for Lent.

-Erika and Denise look like they are in the middle of a standoff (sit off?) until Denise went to the jugular with the Tom stuff.

-Kim leaving in the middle of the fight is such a mood.

-Kids and family are off limits, yet nothing like this was said when Garcelle’s son was attacked. Of course.

-Is Kyle is seriously making this whole fight about herself?

-A lifestyle change doesn’t need to be for a reason…..maybe Kyle just wanted to do something better for herself.

-Poor Crystal’s party is ruined…..and everyone left before they had a chance to finish eating. I feel so bad for her.

-This fight was completely pointless. I get Denise still having beef with Erika, but I don’t get bringing it up again.

-I am actually surprised that Kyle didn’t cook for Portia. With her new lifestyle, I’d think she’d be super into making healthy meals.

-Dorit’s daughter doesn’t seem all that interested into talking to Erika, but it is sweet of her to bring her snacks.

-The rehashing of the fight is completely boring… we really need to harp on it for three episodes?

-Sutton being so scared to hear the feedback on her date is so relatable.

-I think Sutton is SO guarded based on her past relationships and not used to dating since she was with her ex since they were kids that dating is super difficult for her.

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-Kyle seeing hummingbirds as a sign from her mom is so sweet. I’m so glad she gave Kim the hummingbird necklace and that they are able to bond.

-I get why Kyle is upset with Kathy, but Kim is right in saying that if she wants things to change, she also needs to make an effort.

-Seeing Kim break down about her mom and how she feels about her makes me so sad. I just want to hug her so tightly and let her cry.

-I am so glad we get to see the Passover seder….I love learning about different cultures and seeing how people celebrate different holidays.

-I understand where Crystal is coming from, it is so frustrating to have and want to share opinions but not being allowed to speak up unless you are screaming.

-Crystal admitting she was too controlling of her brother and wanting to change her ways is a lesson all the ladies need to learn.

-Sutton’s date Steve is quite the silver fox! He’s even a reenactment actor! Don’t let him go!

-Mustard glazed salmon sounds delicious.

-The restaurant where Dorit and Garcelle are having their meeting looks so gorgeous.

-This lunch meeting is even more awkward than the worst date I have ever been on….and that is saying something!

-Garcelle saying Dorit’s behavior is ‘unconscious Karen behavior’ was probably her best line of all time…..and she isn’t wrong. Dorit refuses to listen to Garcelle and keeps getting defensive.

-Being called a Karen is not dangerous, sweetie.

-What does Dorit being Jewish have to do with Garcelle being upset about being accused of attacking her?

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-I am glad Dorit learned her lesson…for now.

-More next week, stay tuned!







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