Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Recap for 10/9/2023

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test Recap for 10/9/2023

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Recap for 10/9/2023

-Whoa….three minutes in and Robert Horry and Brian Austin Green both withdraw voluntarily….interesting.

-Savannah Chrisley seems to be becoming a mommy figure to JoJo Siwa, which is sweet.

-The remaining recruits are shown how to handle being attacked and how to lead each other out of enemy territory, which is attacked.

-Nick Viall immediately protects Principal by going back into enemy fire…..and passes the task.

-Jack Osbourne takes on the task next and makes a dash for the border as they are attacked. He ends up leaving the Principal to die and fails the task.

-Bode Miller briefly panics and tries to drive back to get the Principal….and fails.

-Tyler Cameron and Savannah Chrisley fail. Tom Sandoval, Kelly Rizzo, JoJo Siwa and Erin Jackson all pass.

-Savannah wants to go home.

-At the barracks, Savannah wonders if she is in it mentally, but Tom and Kelly think she is stronger than she lets on.

-Rudy, Billy and Foxy talk to Savannah about why she is there. She admits she watched the show with her parents and did it because her mom thought she could do it. She goes on to talk about how she has custody of her siblings while her parents are in prison. They let her know that she can set an example for them by staying in the game and working with her fellow recruits.

-When she gets back to the recruits, she admits that she loves her siblings more than she loves herself.

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-Bode breaks down about the death of his daughter during an innocent talk about kids. Kelly bonds with him since she lost her husband (Bob Saget) unexpectedly in 2022.

-Time for the backwards dive into water in the black of night.

-Savannah withdraws because she doesn’t feel mentally capable of completing the task.

-Bode passes and says that he did it for his kids.

-Erin practices swimming but fails during the fall.

-Tom also passes, as does Nick, Tyler and Kelly. JoJo and Jack also fail.

-Jack ends up freaking out because of it and gets yelled at by staff for disrespecting the Bergen.

-Everyone now must do pushups and squats due to Jack’s actions.

-They all get yelled at again before being sent to get food. As they eat, Jack is called to talk to the staff.

-Jack talks about his MS diagnosis and how he feels worn out. He also feels guilty when he falls behind. The staff tells him to keep giving it 100% and he promises to do so before leaving.

-Jack is determined to keep going for as long as he can breathe.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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