Night Court Recap for Just the Fax Dan

Night Court Recap for Just the Fax Dan

Night Court Recap for Just the Fax Dan

The episode opens with Dan and Olivia in the cafeteria, snarking on patrons when Abby walks in to tell them about the new clerk. She wants to make a good impression, but Dan makes fun of the way she does it, despite her claiming to have taken a chill pill.


The new clerk walks in and Olivia claims to know him from somewhere. He says probably Trader Joes, but she gets nervous and claims she was wrong. He goes on to talk about all the jobs he had while Dan continues to be snarky and Abby tells him he will fit in perfectly.


Gurgs walks in and claims that they have all been hacked, so they need to stop using all devices….while blowing a whistle. However, the whistle only welcomes the new clerk Wyatt via a marching band.


The gang gathers in the chambers to look into the hacking. Wyatt wonders if they have an IT department, but Olivia says they only have an it department with an alleged clown.


They discover a fax machine, which gives them a list of demands from the hacker. The sixth case must be found guilty in his criminal mischief case. Abby doesn’t want to negotiate, but they get more threats, including one with Olivia as a high school mascot being exposed. This makes the gang realize all their secrets can be exposed, Gurgs vows to catch the hacker…..’the head, the butt, the whole damn thing.’

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Gurgs begins her work by questioning Wyatt, who is acting suspicious, while Dan thinks he found a teen tech expert. However, he tells them to unplug and replug the devices. Dan kicks him out.


Abby tries to stall things by talking longer and slower. Gurgs suggests using the Box, but Abby vetoes this idea….and refuses to share what it means.


Olivia and Dan work on a case with an auctioneer representing himself and finding himself guilty. Abby claims they are ‘screwed.’


The gang goes back to the chambers to discuss what to do with the hacker and his demands, as well as to slow down getting to case six. Everyone gets incredibly paranoid about secrets getting out and trying to figure out how to stall things so Gurgs can follow her lead. She is questions someone, but lets him go when she hears Wyatt on a suspicious call. This leads to her questioning him in an interrogation room….with oranges. He ends up getting a call and leaving, with Gurgs telling him to tell Sandy ‘it happened again.’


Another case involved a disastrous pole dancing routine which knocks two people out. After they leave, Olivia tries to convince Dan to make case six plead guilty because she doesn’t want word to get out that she tried to get Gurgs fired. Dan tells her he is working on the hacker in his own way.


The next case has a lady going into labor….and leads to case six. The Box is opened and reveals a swarm of bees to get everyone to escape.

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Wyatt talks to Gurgs about the Box and tells her to be more specific next time. She continues to question him by threatening him with Kohls Cash. He finally admits that his secret calls are about helping his daughter with her science project because she needs a good grade. He admits he is overwhelmed with things and being bullied by a class mom named Julie, who chooses that minute to call him and ask where her kids are.


Abby questions a man named Mr. Umansky…..aka case six….with Dan and Olivia. He thinks his wife, one of his mistresses or one of the husbands might be involved. He leaves when he runs into an old friend named Trish.


Wyatt and Gurgs come in with a fax containing a secret of Abby’s. They realize the hacker is in the courthouse somewhere, thanks to a middle finger on the paper. Abby is determined to get to the bottom of it and runs, but not before grabbing the fax with her secret.


The gang tries to get to the bottom of it by offering free hand massages and high fives. One man doesn’t want to be touched. As this happens, Mr. Umansky is on trial. They realize his son is the one who framed him and is the hacker.


That night, they end up locked in the chambers while discussing the day. The secrets are revealed: Abby has a list of complaints about her coworkers on her phone, Olivia tried to get them all fired, Gurg’s secret stew ingredient is two bottles of gin… drink in order to forget how bad it tastes and Dan writes Monk fan fiction. Abby quips that they don’t have to worry about making a good impression for Wyatt anymore. He is shocked by this since Gurgs tried to beat him with oranges. The episode comes to a close as Dan reads his fan fiction.

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