The Golden Bachelor Recap for 11/2/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 11/2/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 11/2/2023

-Theresa’s Hometown dress is so cute.

-All the ladies in Theresa’s family look so much alike….so pretty.

-Seeing Gerry play with Theresa’s grandsons is so precious.

-We get the usual heart to hearts with Theresa and her family….and of course the family grilling Gerry….there is nothing noteworthy….you can literally turn on any hometown from the franchise and get the gist of what want on.

-After meeting the family, Theresa and Gerry go to the carnival and kiss on a Ferris Wheel under the fireworks…didn’t this happen last week?

-I didn’t expect to see Faith on a horse farm and going horseback riding for her date with Gerry. I was expecting her to have a fancier date….but this one is sweet and cute.

-Faith’s sisters look just like her…is she a twin because she and Beth are like clones.

-As an aside….her sons are handsome…maybe if Faith becomes the Golden Bachelorette we can have a season with her and one of her sons finding love too….anyone know if either of them are single?

-Faith sons are asking all the tough questions….they seem very protective of their mom.

-These two seem to have the best chemistry and a deep connection. He really seems to bond with her family too….at this point, I think she may have it in the bag.

-Seeing her break down over the thought of losing him makes me so sad….I know that feeling and it isn’t fun.

-I have a Faith box, a Theresa box and a Leslie box… mind went straight to the gutter with that one…..

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-I am sobbing over Leslie’s story of losing her dad and how her brother took over and helped raise her.

-Gerry seems to bond with Leslie’s grandkids the most.

-Leslie’s brother is not messing around when it comes to protecting his sister. He is not playing any games and letting Gerry know that he better not hurt her….or else.

-So far, he told Leslie and Faith he loved them…and probably Theresa too…..we just didn’t see it….there is a more than decent chance this won’t go well at all.

-Jesse seems so checked out of this episode and not at all interested in what the ladies have to say.

Rose Ceremony……

-Leslie–the one with the mensch brother

Final rose tonight…..

-Gerry leaves and runs away crying…..and has a complete meltdown… we wait until next week to find out who else gets a rose….and the Women Tell All.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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