Night Court Recap for Form Fetish

Night Court Recap for Form Fetish

Night Court Recap for Form Fetish

The episode opens with Olivia and Dan working on a disorderly case where a guy named Mr. Crane is being tried for Windexing veggies. Abby gives him a fine, only to find that he was cleaning her gavel.

Gurgs tells him that he smells like a dirty martini with a Lemon Pledge twist as she takes him away.


Flobert tries to give her the next case, but he his knees locked due to being hurt while acting in Damn Yankees. Dan makes fun of him and wants a new clerk. Abby tells them that budget cuts caused a hiring freeze, so there is nothing that can be done. Olivia says cuts caused her to bring one from home, including the one she made her mom (which her mom wanted put back into clay because it would have more potential that she did). The lights go out due to budget cuts causing motion detection lights to be used. They all put on headlamps.


Later, Gurgs is looking for duct tape to use in place of handcuffs. She ands Olivia look in the storage room and find some old energy drink, which they decide to sell due to drinks being cut from the budget.


Abby meets with Linda to talk budget. She tries to explain the issue, but her request is denied. She then tells her to appeal her request, fill out paperwork and wait seventy business days for an answer. Abby vows to get her to use the yes stamp and give her what she wants, but Linda isn’t interested. Abby continues to argue, but only makes things worse for the court by arguing.



Abby talks to Dan about the issue, who is more worried about losing the shoe shine guys. She tells him about her meeting with Linda, which led to more things being cut….including silverware being cut and plastic cutlery being reused.


Dan decides to talk to Linda by bringing her flowers. She kicks out her assistant Bryant and googles Dan’s name to get dirt on him….and to add 24/7 construction on his street. The two continue to argue over what can be done.


Later on, Dan comes into the courtroom with Bryant, who is the new clerk….and happens to be Linda’s son. He also managed to get drinks back in the cafeteria, upsetting Olivia and Gurgs, for now thet are out of business. Abby is also upset because Bryant is more interested in playing his video game than helping out.


Olivia is back in the cafeteria, still trying to keep her and Gurgs in business. Gurgs tells her ab out a woman who drank two of the energy drinks and fought a wall….and won! Olivia tells her to charge for the fight next time and sends her back to work.

Meanwhile, Abby tries to get Bryant to care about his job….with no luck. He thinks she is his mentor and needs to be told what to do. She sends him over to Dan, who is happy to have the shoeshine guy back. As they talk, Linda returns to check in…..with Bryant trying to convince Dan to be his DAN-tor. Linda takes him away with the promise of an orange…which he isn’t allowed to peel.

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Gurgs is upset that Flobert is helping Olivia with the drink sales. Olivia says it is because he does a better job and he says he gets what he wants….like he did with his show role.


Dan complains about Bryant to Abby, who tells him to stick it out. He tries to get Bryant to get to work, but he is more interested in folding the newspaper for Dan. He calls a case for a Ms. Lipschitz, giving him the giggles. Abby says it is only a name and tries to get the case on the road. Abby lets Mrs. Lipschitz off on a warning and keeps making Bryant giggle by saying the name.


When the case is done, she sends Bryant on his way. Dan makes it clear that he is driving him crazy and will pay Flobert to throw him down the stairs. They go into the chambers to discuss it, but Abby is buzzed due to the energy drink. Dan gets her to focus and they decide to find a way to beat Linda at her own game. He drinks one as well to get as many ideas as Abby.


Gurgs tries to make more energy drinks since they are out. Olivia is not happy about this, but Gurgs says she is doing it so is she not replaced. They agree to shut down the business.


Dan and Abby get to work on beating Linda, but the effects from the energy drinks are doing more harm than good. However, they finally get it together enough to present an idea to Linda. She wants to say yes, but isn’t sure she can go against saying no.

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After she finally agrees to their terms, she convinces Linda to take Bryant back…as the episode comes to an end.

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