Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/6/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/13/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/6/2023

-The kids will be interviewed by Valerie and Duff to be team leaders for the next challenge.


-The interviews are adorable!


-The two team leaders are Sohan and Genevieve.


-The challenge is to make pate a choux and layer it with a cream filling…..or a cream puff cake. Each team will get three flavors and three shapes to make, one for each person.


-Sohan has Nash and Alissa on his team.


-Genevieve has Naho and Naiel on her team.


Desserts: Team Sohan

Sohan: Mango lassi cardamom cake in the shape a triangle.

Alissa: Raspberry mascarpone cake in the shape of a circle.

Nash: Blackberry and lemon compote cake with mascarpone cream in the shape of a square.


-Nash struggles with his cream,but decides to go with it because he is short on time. However, he ends up having to start over anyway because it doesn’t bake correctly. He gets things under control the second time around.


-Nash’s puffs fall apart, so Alissa helps him put it back together.


Desserts: Team Genevieve

Genevieve: Mango mousse cardamom cake in the shape of a triangle.

Naiel: Blackberry and lemon compote cake in the shape of a circle.

Naho: Raspberry lime pastry cream cake in the shape of a square.


-Genevieve and Sohan are thrilled they are making almost the same cake.

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-Naiel accidentally leaves his oven open, possibly ruining the cake.


-Genevieve rescues Naiel, making him happy.


-Genevieve has issues with her cream, so she finds a way to make it thicker using whipped cream.


-TWIST! They need to make a shiny ganache to top their desserts.



Nash: The square is stunning, but the puffs are a bit too small. The flavor is also too subtle.

Naiel: It looks like it is sweet, but the puffs look good. It is too creamy and not puffed up enough.


Naho: It is messy, but it has a great raspberry flavor.

Alissa: It looks beautiful, but the cream is a bit broken. The cake is delicious despite the berries not being strained. It also could have used some salt.


Genevieve: She had the shape down pat and has beautiful piping. It is delicious, but has a bit too much ganache.

Sohan: It is clean but is missing the edges, making it look unfinished. It has good flavor, but not enough crispiness.


-Genevieve’s team wins the challenge, so they are all safe. Genevieve also wins a special award.


-Alissa and Nash are in the bottom two, with Nash going home.


More next week, stay tuned!


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