Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/22/2024

Kids Baking Championship Finale Recap for 2/26/2024

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 1/22/2024

-Tonight’s KBC has the kids making mosaic pies, using gelatin to make the designs they desire.

-Oscar is making a vanilla mousse pie with lychee, raspberry and pineapple flavors.

-Elsie is making coconut mousse cake with watermelon and pineapple flavors.

-Jamie is making passionfruit mousse pie with tropical flavors.

-Lila’s raspberry mousse pie has lemon and berry flavors.

-Leland makes a strawberry watermelon mousse pie with different fruit gelatin flavors.

-Tasi adds exotic fruit flavors in her passionfruit mousse pie.

-Lila’s pie shrinks, causing her to freak out.

-Camryn’s peach and mango pie has a sunset theme.

-Anaiah makes a strawberry and mango pie.

-Levi makes a citrus pie to represent his life in Florida.

-TWIST! The pie has to have a frame using cookies.

-Oscar’s mousse may be curdled, which can set him behind….and possibly send him home.

-Elsie decides to share in Oscar’s cracker idea for her frame.

-Levi uses spritz cookies, which makes Valerie nervous.

-Lila decides to make cheesecake flavored cookies.

-Tasi’s cookie topping drips too much, so she makes it look intentional. She begins to get overwhelmed and worries about the results of her pie and cookies. Her pie filling being runny doesn’t help matters.

-Jamie throws all sorts of gelatin onto her pie.

-Before long, it is time to present the pies. Duff and Val give the pros and cons of each one before going into deliberation.

-The top two bakers of the night are Levi and Anaiah….with Anaiah winning for the night. They are both are safe for the week.

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-The bottom two bakers are Leland and Tasi, with Leland going home.


Hour 2!

-This special shows behind the scenes moments from the series and how they make special desserts.

-Nemo says he makes the most challenging part first to get it out of the way. He also writes down his plan before getting started.

-Davis and Naiel share their love of baking cookies.

-Top 5 cookies: Nadya’s macarons from season 10, Meadow’s spice puzzle cookie from season 6, Adiyta’s cookie cake from season 6, Linsey’s strawberry sugar cookies from season 4 and Toby’s matcha cookie from season 11.

-Another tip to stand out is using unique flavor palates, like Nadya and D’Von from season nine.

-Top flavor palates: Matthew A’s Earl Grey tea ice cream, white chocolate and almond blondie from season 5, D’Von’s mango ombre and vanilla bean cookie, Genevieve’s habanero and lemon macaron from season 11, Nadya’s blood orange cupcake, Naiel’s lemon rosemary cheesecake from season 11, Sohan’s saffron and cardamom macarons and Santiago’s Earl Grey and lavender cookie cereal.

-Duff makes a cake and shows how to properly mix it to make a tender cake.

-After a lesson on frying foods and the dos and don’ts of making the perfect pastry, we learn that Bella learned the importance of time management, while Nash shares how he learned how to reroute his ideas. Genevieve recalls how time management cost her a place in the next round…but she rebounded by winning the Halloween special.

-Duff and the kids give lessons on how to make their cake layers stand out and work better….including adding chocolate chips between the layers.

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-The kids and Duff discuss the difference between American buttercream (butter and sugar), Swiss buttercream (egg whites and sugar beaten into a meringue.) and French buttercream (butter, egg, sugar and water)

-Crumb coats help buttercream stick, as does a final spin with a spatula in very hot water.

-TWISTS!!! The kids have love/hate relationships with them, but it allows them to be more creative.

-Royal icing–powdered sugar and egg whites.

-The kids share their favorite decorating tips.


-I forgot about the Puppy Bowl and how Bella got one of the pups for winning the challenge. Several other kids got pups after the show too…..and Caylin got a show cow.

-Nyah tells kids to believe in yourself and be proud of your work.

-Brady is all grown up and tells kids to be confident, know your intentions and have fun!

-Best finale cakes: Abby’s season 4 cake, Naiel’s season 11 cake and Keaton from season 9.

-Duff’s sugar cookie, rainbow cookie and pie shaped cake topped with ice cream and lollipop decorations is sooooo cool.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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