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ICYMI: Masterchef Junior Recap for Where’s Walnuts

ICYMI: Masterchef Junior Recap for Where’s Walnuts

  • The first challenge is (WAL)NUTS! I am curious to see how they all incorporate this into their meals.
  • I never thought to use walnuts for thickening sauces or meat alternatives.
  • These kids are geniuses when it comes to coming up with walnut dish ideas….rack or lamb, Romasco, fried rice with a pineapple shrimp bowl…they all sound delicious.
  • My heart breaks for A’Dan because his dish fell apart completely.
  • So many of the dishes fell apart tonight. It makes me so sad. I just want to hug them all.
  • Liya’s pineapple/walnut shrimp and rice bowl looks incredible. It looks like it is restaurant quality.
  • Cruz’s walnut crumble may not have worked out as he wanted, but the judges love it!
  • Ciara’s walnut cake is gorgeous. I love the flower design.
  • Ciara wins the challenge and is automatically in the top ten.
  • Elimination challenge time! Season seven winner Che is on hand to help them and offer advice on how to flambe!
  • Each remaining contestant must flambe a dish.
  • I never heard of flambe-d shrimp scampi, but I would give it a try.
  • I almost died when Chef Gordon Ramsay told Liya Che was single. Her reaction was priceless.
  • Was A’Dan eating his food instead of plating?
  • Poor Liya crying about not finishing her dish made me so sad.
  • Starla’s honesty about why she didn’t make a starch was refreshing to see.
  • As an aside, I HATE when the judges call the kids young man or young lady. It just IRKS me for some reason.
  • My heart breaks for the bottom three. They seemed to miss the mark, but seeing them so sad makes me very sad too.
  • Andrew is eliminated. Chef Gordon Ramsay saying he will he first in line when he opens his bakery was such a sweet moment.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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