The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 11/15/2023

Dorit and PK Kemsley Announce Separation

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Snark and Highlights for 11/15/2023

-These calls to the husbands are super boring and completely useless.

-We’re in Vegas, the rules don’t really apply….so true!

-Maybe Sutton found the show degrading or triggering?

-The gondola ride Sutton and Garcelle did looks like a lot of fun.

-Garcelle talking about the fight from the night before as the gondola dude sings is so much funnier than it should be.

-Why is it such a big deal that Kyle doesn’t want to drink? It is her right to be sober and nobody else’s business.

-Hearing Erika open up about her marriage and how she and Tom resented each other is actually quite sad. I hate how she handled things with the whole money situation, but this kind of makes me feel bad for her.

-Kyle and Dorit opening up about their own marriages is also incredibly sad. It makes me wonder if the pressures of the show and fame play a factor in their relationships. Most marriages have ups and downs and I can only imagine how these pressures can make it worse.

-When will these ladies realize that these games only lead to disaster?

-The conversation about money making you happy is quite intriguing….especially when Erika talks about having it all then losing it all.

-As an aside, Erika’s confessional look makes her looks like Disco Pink Power Ranger Barbie.

-The cowboy dude is hot…..I wouldn’t mind him carrying me onto the mechanical bull.

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-Sutton looks so scared on the mechanical bull.

-This is such a boring episode.

-Erika is making Sutton apologize….for what exactly?

-I gave up fighting for Lent, but God gave me a pass to go after Sutton….I haven’t been to church in a long time, but I am pretty sure that isn’t how it works. I must have missed that day in Sunday School.

-Magic Mike-Gate is so stupid and annoying. These women need to learn how to let things go for once.

-At least Sutton tried to put the subject to bed. However, I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of it.

-I can’t recall the last time….or if we ever…saw Erika and Garcelle together, just the two of them. It’s kind of nice.

-Sutton needing a cocktail when dealing with Kyle is such a mood….I can’t really say I blame her at this point.

-Sutton’s Erika impression is hysterical.

-If someone came into my house and talked to me the way Kyle did, I would have kicked them out by now.

-Even though Sutton can lose her shit sometimes, she hasn’t done anything worse than any of the other ladies.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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