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ICYMI: Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/14/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Junior Recap for 4/14/2022

  • Daphne looks adorable for her baby shower day!
  • Aaron riding into the kitchen on a unicorn made me laugh way too hard.
  • Unicorns and baby showers….best day ever! Starla is a girl after my own heart.
  • Salmon, asparagus, fried tomatoes and quinoa with brownies for dessert from team girl.
  • Chicken, broccolini and orzo with strawberry shortcake for dessert from team boy.
  • Freddy seems really distracted tonight. I hope he is okay.
  • Ciara made the same mistake with the quinoa I often make….not adding the extra cup of water.
  • A’Dan and Cruz switched off due to A’Dan having issues with the chicken. He is also upset Freddy is over seasoning the chicken and Grayson is not communicating.
  • The guys undercooked the chicken….and Chef Gordon Ramsay is NOT happy.
  • The girls overcooked the salmon and undercooked the quinoa. They should use my quinoa recipe—toss it in the trash and make a more sophisticated rice dish instead.
  • How did the blue team run out of chicken breasts?
  • Whoa….Chef Ramsay is NOT playing around tonight. He just threatened to send all the guys home.
  • The guys are really fighting tonight and it is reflecting in their work. They need to get it together if they want to win.
  • The women seem to really like the food from both teams, but sadly, some of the women get undercooked chicken.
  • What has gotten into A’Dan tonight? He is really picking fights with everyone.
  • The guys all want to blame each other instead of taking their own blame.
  • How can that brownie dessert be too sweet? It looks delightful!
  • The strawberry shortcake looks incredible too. It looks nice and light….the perfect ending for a big meal.
  • The winner is……….TEAM GIRL! They are all safe from elimination.
  • Abir, Andrew and Grayson are all safe.
  • Freddy, A’Dan and Cruz are all in the bottom three due to the raw chicken.
  • Freddy is eliminated.
  • The chefs all give Freddy words of wisdom and encourage him to continue living his dream.
  • More next week, stay tuned!
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