Lego Masters Recap for 11/9/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/9/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/9/2023

This week’s Lego Masters on Fox has our teams making builds of functional, luxury bags worthy of a photoshoot….in eight hours.  Will Arnett hosts, Brickmasters Amy and Jamie judge.


Each team will be given a season for their build.


Emilee and Kelly get spring and build that has a logo, stitching and a pattern, along with an asymmetrical build. Kelly is using her modeling past as inspiration.


Christopher and Robert use Christopher’s mom as their own inspiration. They have the fall season and have a ton of ideas….to the point where Amy tells them to tone it down.


Neena and Sam also have spring. They make a messenger bag with a woven design.


Luis and Alex make Miami themed summer bag….with Alex wanting to model it wearing a Speedo. However, their idea is a bit too ambitious, which concerns the judges.


Paul and Nealita make a winter themed duffle bag. Amy isn’t a fan of the shape or colors.


Allyson and Melanie’s summer bag is a bit too big….which concerns Amy. She thinks it may end up looking too much like a cooler. They end up starting over to make a smaller, more fashionable bag.

However, they only have three hours left and may not finish in time.


After the builds are done, the photoshoot takes place….and yes, Alex wears his Speedo.


The builds are presented and as always, Will, Amy and Jamie give the pros and cons of each.

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Paul and Nealita and Christopher and Robert are the top two teams, with the latter team winning.


Alex and Luis and Allyson and Melanie are in the bottom two, with the ladies going home.


More next week, stay tuned!

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