Lego Masters Season Two Premiere Recap

Lego Masters Season Two Premiere Recap

Lego Masters Season Two Premiere Recap

Tonight is the season two premiere of Fox’s Lego Masters. The show opens with Will Arnett in a robe, preparing to meet the teams. The winners will get $100,000, a Lego trophy and the title of Lego Master.


Zack and Wayne (Brothers)
Zach and Tim (Son-Father)
Mark and Steven (Brothers)
Syreeta and Randall (Friends)
Natalie and Michelle (Friends)
Paras and Moto (Friends)
Maria and Philip (Married Couple)
Susan and Jen (Friends)
Jack and Dawn (Siblings)
Dave and Richard (Friends)
Caleb and Jacob (Brothers)
Bryan and Lauren (Siblings)

The task is to design a float for the Lego Day Parade. Judges Amy and Jamie will pick the winning team based on movement, creativity and technology. They have fourteen hours to complete the task.

As the teams work, Will, Jamie and Amy talk to each team.

Syreeta and Randall do a hip hop float.

Philip and Maria do a Little Bo Peep bedtime story float.

Dawn and Jack do a butterfly float in honor of their great-niece Kelsey who died at the age of sixteen.

Wayne and Zack-with-a-k do a soaring dragon float.

Lauren and Bryan do a sibling storytime float based on Rapunzel. Will also has them do a fun promo for the show.

Brothers Steven and Mark do a world serpent float. They also reveal they beat Tyler (one half of last year’s winner) in a competition.

Jen and Susan do a mom float, which represents their constant evolution.

Tim and Zach-with-an-h do a four seasons of Michigan float.

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Dave and Richard to a Chicago hot dog and NY pizza float.

Moto and Paras do a dad robot float.

Will stops everything and treats everyone to a parade. He opens a robot box that contains a golden brick. It will protect one team from elimination and will be given to the team who wins this challenge.

As the teams continue to work, they face challenges, including things not moving or breaking.

Michelle and Natalie do a color explosion type float.

Caleb and Jacob do a float that represents finding peace in the world.

Before long, time is up and each team must show off their float, both to the judges and in an actual parade.

After the judges give the pros and cons of each float, we find out Susan and Jen and Philip and Maria are in the bottom two. However, there is no elimination tonight.

The top two teams are Zack and Wayne and Steven and Mark, with Zack and Wayne winning the Golden Brick.

More next week, stay tuned.

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