Lego Masters Recap for July 20, 2021

Lego Masters Recap for July 20, 2021

Lego Masters Recap for July 20, 2021

Tonight’s episode of Fox’s Lego Masters begins with an all new challenge. Each team must recreate host Will Arnett’s Lego Lambo by memory.

The teams that are left are as follows:

Zack & Wayne (Brothers)
Mark & Steven (Brothers)
Natalie & Michelle (Friends)
Maria & Philip (Married Couple)
Susan & Jen (Friends)
Dave & Richard (Friends)
Caleb & Jacob (Brothers)
Bryan & Lauren (Siblings)

After he gives them some time to check it out, the teams get down to business. They have only four hours to build the cars for this challenge.

The time goes by quickly. When Will tells them time is up, he, along with Amy and Jamie, check out each car to see who rebuilt it best by memory.

Caleb and Jacob win the challenge! Their prize is an extra 30 seconds of safety in the next challenge.

The next challenge is a bit harder. Each team will have to build a remote control car for a demolition derby in six hours. The last team standing wins a spot in the top two, while the best design also gets a coveted spot.

Jen and Susan focus too much on the design and less time on getting the actual car done. Zack and Wayne on the other hand, are more confident and begin testing things out as they work.

Before long, time is up and it is time for the judges to pick the best looking car to go into the top two. Mark and Steven have the option to use their golden brick, but decide to hold onto it for one more week. It is a good thing, because they WIN!

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Now it is time for the demolition derby. The last car standing wins the second spot in the top two. Caleb and Jacob have their advantage, but it ends up useless when they crash their car into the floor.

As cars fall out of place one by one, it is soon between Zack and Wayne and Dave and Richard, with the latter securing the win!

Now it is time to announce the bottom two teams.

Jen and Susan are chosen due to their car falling apart and lacking detail. Caleb and Jacob are in the bottom two because their car crashed and there was no way to tell how it held up in the challenge.

In the end, it is the end of the road for Jen and Susan.

More in three weeks, stay tuned!

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