Lego Masters Recap for 11/4/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/4/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 11/4/2023

This week’s Lego Masters on Fox has our remaining teams build an item that they find in a detective’s office in ten hours. Will Arnett hosts, with Amy and Jamie judging.

Poppy and Ben have withdrawn from the competition due to health issues.


Aubree and Ryan get the retro TV.

Alex and Luis get the record player.

Christopher and Robert get the office chair.

Paul and Nealita get the telescope.

Emilee and Kelly get the clarinet.

Allyson and Melanie get the camera.

Neena and Sam get the rug.

Everyone is shocked that Neena and Sam took such a huge risk with the rug. It is probably the most challenging piece anyone chose for this challenge. Allyson and Melanie’s camera is also a huge challenge since it is smaller than the other objects.


Christopher and Robert run into issues with their chair and don’t realize that it is going to be more complicated than they thought. Neena and Sam realize the same thing and must improvise in order to make it work.


Twist! There will be a secret judge and if they think the build is real, it can work in their favor.


The judges and Will continue to walk around and give commentary on each build.


Alex and Luis decide to add a turning record to their build.


Aubree and Ryan struggle with getting the details on their TV correct.


Emilee and Kelly, Allyson and Melanie and Paul and Nealita all gather to help Neena and Sam finish their build…making Neena cry.

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Christopher and Robert freak out as they try and finish their chair in time….which they do with minutes to spare.


Before long, it is time to judge. Each team gets the pros and cons of their build. Sam and Neena use their Golden Brick as a just in case to save them.

Stacey Roy, who won season three, identifies two of the builds in Will’s office—the TV and the chair.


Emilee and Kelly and Paul and Nealita are the top two with Paul and Nealita winning.


Aubree and Ryan and Allyson and Melanie are in the bottom two, with Aubree and Ryan leaving.


More next week, stay tuned.



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