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Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 12/4/2023KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: Gordon Ramsay (R) with owners and crew in the two-part “Max’s Bar & Grill / Diwan” season finale episode of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES airing Monday, Nov. 27 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC. CR: Jeff Niera / FOX.

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 12/4/2023

-The season finale of Kitchen Nightmares begins in New Jersey at a restaurant called Max’s. It is a family-owned restaurant that is falling apart due to toxic workers and very few customers.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay arrives and is unhappy with the decor and food. He thinks it is a disaster from the get-go.

-Jennifer the owner and her ex-husband’s girlfriend MK constantly fight over everything and anything.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay talks to Jennifer, her ex-husband Jake and MK and asks to see how the place functions on an everyday basis.

-Things are a disaster from the get-go with orders being wrong and service being slow. The cooks in the kitchen are also not working up to Chef Ramsay’s satisfaction.

-Chef Ramsay talks to the diners, who are unhappy with the quality of the food. After the service is over, he talks to the staff to get them set straight. He finds out that there has not been a staff meeting in two years and that nobody knows how to communicate. Everyone is also sick of the Jake/Jennifer/MK drama.

-The ladies fight and it reminds me of the Teresa/Melissa drama from RHONJ.

-Chef Ramsay tells them to put it all aside and work together before they lose the business for good.

-Jen and Jake also talk things out.

-Chef Ramsay gives the restaurant and menu a complete makeover, including new foods that give feeling to the original restaurant.

-The new dinner service goes smoothly with the food cooked to everyone’s liking. There are a few hiccups when they fall behind and Jake fails to communicate.

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-Things finally get under control and the rest of the service is a success.

-Two months later, the place is a success and on its way to celebrating its 100th anniversary.


Hour 2!


-The second hour takes it to Port Washington, NY, where Diwan is located.

-Diwan used to be successful, but it is now hemorrhaging money due to competition and a confusing menu.

-The place is falling apart and the owners are relying on Chef Ramsay to help.

-Chef Ramsay arrives to talk to the staff and try the food. He is confused by the menu and by the fact that he cannot find the restaurant’s social media page. He tries the food and talks to the diners, only to end up more confused.

-Chef Ramsay talk to the owners Margaret and Bobby. She wants him to rediscover his passion and get back to where he was, but he isn’t sure what to do.

-Chef Ramsay talk to the staff to see how they feel about everything. They agree that the place used to be wonderful, but went downhill over the years.

-The dinner service is a disaster with customers waiting a long time for food and the kitchen being in chaos.

-Further inspection of the place shows the kitchen a complete disaster area with expired, unlabeled food and carrots ‘so old they can do yoga.’

-Chef Ramsay talks to the staff again and tells them to get it together before it all falls apart.

-Things finally come together, thanks to teamwork and a makeover from Chef Ramsay.

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-Mehreen from Next Level Chef is on hand to try the food and help with the social media platforms.

-Bobby steps down as chef but remains the owner.

-The dinner service starts out okay, but Bobby tries to take over, stressing everyone out.

-Chef Ramsay tells Bobby to let things go and relax with his wife. They have a heart to heart and Bobby promises to slow down.

-Two months later, the place is still in business and Bobby is still relaxing.

-That is a wrap for this season!

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