Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/2/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/2/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/2/2023

Tonight, Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Bask 46…..which is run by Sandi and Steve…which made me think of Schwartz and Sandy’s… I would pay for him to visit that place and see it on TV.

-The QR code does not work, which annoys Chef Ramsay. He orders mac and cheese, cheesesteak egg rolls and other food….and is not happy with the food or the antennas on top. He explains his issues to the waitress and sends his food back.

-The executive chef Bobby is pissed off and wants to face him man to man. He makes some snarky comments about him and his package (!) and sends him more food. Chef Ramsay doesn’t want it, so Chef Bobby gives him his business card….which has a spelling mistake.

-Chef Bobby is ready to channel Sonny Corinthos right about now.

-Chef Ramsay talks to the owners about the business hemorrhaging money and how Chef Bobby holds a lot of power. He tries to get them to see that they are trusting the wrong guy and they begin to see the error of their ways.

-Sandi and Steve call Chef Bobby into the room. Chef Ramsay rips them all a new one and how their restaurant is an embarrassment. He gets even angrier when he finds out that the homemade sauce is actually partially homemade and is mixed with Cheez Whiz.

-The three of them get into a huge fight with the rest of the staff watching. Chef Ramsay tells them to prep for dinner service to he can see how they really operate.

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-The dinner service is a disaster with food getting sent back, Chef Bobby throwing tantrums and Steve letting things get out of control.

-Chef Ramsay meets with Steve and Sandi privately to discuss the situation. He tries to explain that he is failing by not having control over the restaurant and that he needs to either get Chef Bobby to improve or fire him.

-Chef Ramsay goes to check the kitchen, which is a complete disaster area. Food is not stored properly and it upsets both him and Steve. He yells at Chef Bobby and shuts things down. He then tells the staff they need to shape up or ship out and tomorrow will be their brand new start.

-Chef Bobby gets a pep talk from Chef Ramsay and after a few tears, vows to do better. He talks to Steve and they hug it out.

-Chef Ramsay talks to Steve and Sandi and prepares them for taking control of their business.

-The restaurant has been renovated! The food is remade and is delicious! There are also new menus with smaller portions offered.

-The staff is happy with the new changes and are ready for their big dinner service. Sandi goes home to relax and be with the kids while Steve stays behind to oversee things.

-As an aside, Sandi looks like a young Meryl Streep.

-The staff gets to work, but it isn’t long before Chef Bobby is overwhelmed with things and falls behind. The staff tries to make things right with customers, but people aren’t happy. They are getting raw food and it is a mess.

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-Chef Bobby manages to get things under control, much to Chef Ramsay’s delight, but he tells him that he needs to keep things up.

-Chef Ramsay tells Steve that he thinks things could go well, but he need to make sure Chef Bobby does what he is supposed to do or let him go. He has 30 days to do this.

-Two months later, Chef Bobby has retired/left the restaurant, but the restaurant is thriving.

-More next week, stay tuned/

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