ICYMI: Mom Recap for 11/12/2020

The show opens with Bonnie (Allison Janney) and Adam (William Fichtner) talking about their weekend plans. He says he is going to get his tires rotated and she makes it sound dirty. This continues until he reminds her that she forgot their anniversary. She says she owes Wendy $100 because they made it a year.


Adam wants to exchange cards because otherwise they are roommates. Bonnie reminds him they will be having sex and they agree that can be their card. She says he can lick the envelope as she walks out of the room, making sure he can see her butt as she does.


At the meeting, Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) talks about her stent surgery and how her gentleman friend Gary is coming to see her. Jill (Jaime Pressly)wants to know where Wayne is and Tammy(Kristen Johnston) says that she is seeing both of them, comparing it to an episode of Riverdale.


Bonnie says she and Adam made it a year, so Wendy (Beth Hall) collects her money.


At the bistro, Jill complains about the chairs and not sitting at a booth. Tammy reminds them that Gary is coming and she had to give opinions on nightgowns. Bonnie asks if there are three different kinds of flannel. Tammy says one was burlap and the other one had a racy neckline to the collarbone.


Marjorie and Gary(Kevin Dunn) arrive and the women ask how his flight was. He complains about the flight, then snarks at the women by saying what he would do in their situations, including telling Tammy not to buy a truck and telling Jill to donate to her charity by writing a check instead of paying online. This causes her to donate $50,000 instead of $500 and he says that wouldn’t have happened with a check.

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Jill goes to the charity to get her money back. The woman in charge (Rebecca Metz)is initially thrilled to see her for her generous donation, but then Jill asks for $49,500 back. Another worker comes in, saying the girls want to sing a song to Jill, but they are told not to sing.


Tammy spends time with Bonnie, complaining about Gary. Bonnie doesn’t think he is that bad, so Tammy dares her to spend more time with him. Bonnie says that she and Adam are having dinner with him and Marjorie on Saturday.


Later on, Tammy and Jill have lunch. Jill asks if she will be splitting her time with her and Bonnie until Gary leaves. The topic switches to the charity money. Tammy says that this charity could have being a game changer for her, making Jill feel guilty.


At dinner, Gary continues to make everyone uncomfortable with his comments and forcing Adam to send his food back. He then tries to give a toast for Bonnie and Adam’s anniversary. He forgets Adam’s name, causing Adam to snark that his name is hard to remember because it was the first name ever.


After they leave, they continue to complain about Gary and make fun of him. This continues with Bonnie making a comment on what he would say after she and Adam have sex. Adam says he could have gone another round, but Bonnie keeps complaining and wants to tell Marjorie how she feels. Adam says this is a bad idea because it could ruin their friendship, like it did with him and Mitch. She is surprised by this and wants to know what he said. Adam says he chose her, but finally tells her that he finds her annoying. She says that is fair and they go to sleep.

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Jill goes shopping at her favorite store and the salesperson compares the prices to things the charity could buy. It makes Jill feel guilty, but not guilty enough to not buy the bag she ordered.


Marjorie and Bonnie discuss Gary at the meeting. Bonnie asks if she will miss him when she leaves and Marjorie says she might move to Chicago with him because life is too short. At that moment Jill walks in with her new bag and they are surprised she is not showing it off the way she usually does. Bonnie says she should have gotten something with batteries. Marjorie gets a text from Gary, causing her to giggle.


At movie night, Gary asks what kind of candy they have and is upset there is not Good and Plenty. He continues to complain about everything. Jill and Tammy go outside to complain, which leads to them discussing the charity and her guilt about the purse. The other ladies join them because of Gary and Marjorie kissing and because they cannot take it anymore. They wonder what she sees in him.


At the next meeting, Gary talks about his wake up call when his wife was pregnant with their son and kicked him out. He says once he realized his thoughts were on booze and not family, he knew he had to change. His son is now struggling with addiction and he hasn’t heard from him in months. He recalls being at a meeting and seeing a young addict in need of help. He became that guy’s sponsor and hopes someone can do the same for his son. Bonnie now understands and smiles at Marjorie.

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The episode ends with Jill donating money to the charity and the woman asking if she is sure this is the right amount. Jill says yes and they hug. Tammy runs around, happy with all the things the charity has to offer.

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