Lego Masters Recap for 10/12/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 10/12/2023

Lego Masters Recap for 10/12/2023

This week’s Lego Masters on Fox has the remaining contestants choosing a different environmental theme that will later face explosion. They have twelve hours to build it.

Will Arnett hosts while Brickmasters Amy and Jamie judge.


Emilee and Kelly make a Rainmaker Island for their Above the Clouds theme.

Christopher and Robert make a Jungle Bastion in the Sun for their Tropical Jungle theme.

Aubree and make a Jungle of Gold for their Tropical Jungle theme. Christopher and Robert spy on them to make sure they aren’t stealing ideas, but then decide their builds are different enough.

Ben and Poppy make a Desert themed city of Scorpion Worshippers.

Luis and Alex get Oceans and Seas and make a Temple of the Sea God….and Cuban coffee!

Neena and Sam got Arctic Ice and make a Penguin Island. They are glad that they have the Golden Brick to save them just in case.

Jordan and Chris also have the Desert but think that their build is better than Poppy and Ben’s and even joke that Poppy tried to fight them.

Melanie and Alyson make a Rock-cano for their Above the Clouds theme.

Tim and Tim make the Big Plunge for their Oceans and Seas theme.

Nealita and Paul make an Arctic Island based on their Arctic ice theme.


Will takes Amy’s heels and tosses them into an already built volcano. He then tries to toss other stuff into the volcano but is quickly stopped.

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As always, the trio walks around and make comments about the builds. They worry about Neena and Sam but think that the Golden Brick might save them.

Before long, it is time to present their builds and see how they explode.


Sam and Neena don’t use the Golden Brick and must return it if they are in the bottom two.


Each team gets pros and cons for their build and explosion before it is time to deliberate and decide who goes home.


Christopher and Robert and Poppy and Ben are the top two teams, with Poppy and Ben winning.


Jordan and Chris and Neena and Sam are in the bottom two, with the latter having to turn in the Golden Brick.


Jordan and Chris are going home.


More next week, stay tuned!

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