Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 1/4/2024

Hell's Kitchen Recap for 1/4/2024

Hell’s Kitchen Recap for 1/4/2024

-This fighting with Jason and the guys is really getting old.

-The remaining cooks after tonight’s elimination will get black jackets….seven people left and only five jackets….so double elimination?

-The first challenge is rolling a dice and naming a food with the letter it lands on….craps style. They will then cook with said ingredient.

-The ingredients include halibut, turnips, truffle, prosciutto, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and miso.

-Chef Ramsay gives the pros and cons of each dish before declaring Johnathan and Sammi the winners and the recipients of a black jacket. They also get to relax with food, drinks and take home HexClad Knives.

-The remaining contestants have to compete in another challenge. There is a slot machine that will determine the ingredients they will be using…..in a total of five rounds.

-There is a mad dash to get the best ingredients….for each slot has something different.

-Ryan is frustrated because his ingredients don’t go together and thinks it might be his worst dish. Chef Ramsay tells him that his lobster and chickpea dish needs more acidity to make it less sweet.

-Carmen’s scallop dish is well done.

-Dahmere’s seabass is spot on.

-Jason’s steak and egg dish looks elegant but is cooked a bit unevenly.

-Leigh’s steak and veggie dish lacks in meat but tastes delicious.

-The next two to get black jackets are Dahmere and Carmen.

-Jason, Leigh and Ryan now have one last chance to compete for the final black jacket by making the best dish of their lives.

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-The three of them cook for their lives before presenting their dishes to Chef Ramsay.

-The first one eliminated is….Jason.

-The final one to get a black jacket is…..LEIGH…..AND RYAN!!!!!! HUGS AND CELEBRATIONS ALL AROUND!!!!

-More next week, stay tuned!

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