Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Recap for 11/20/2023

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test Recap for 11/20/2023

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test Recap for 11/20/2023

-We are in day seven with six recruits remaining on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.

-Everyone is eating and talking about the experience and why they are still fighting. JoJo Siwa wants to finish it and not tell anyone that she failed.

-The staff tells them that this next phase will be the hardest they have ever faced. Bode Miller is confident that he can finish strong. Tom Sandoval quips that he wanted to be a Secret Agent but now he is playing one on TV.

-The next phase begins with everyone out in the cold and pulling pulk over terrain. They must stay with the staff or fail trying. They will race for two miles to get to the destination.

-Tyler Cameron and Erin Jackson are together. Tom and Nick Viall are also teamed up while Bode and JoJo are paired.

-The whole point of this is teamwork. Tom and Nick struggle, while Bode and JoJo lead the pack. He struggles, so JoJo offers to take over for awhile. However, he doesn’t want to give up.

-Tom struggles and falls into last place with Nick.

-Erin and Tyler work well together.

-As the teams get to the end, the task begins to take its toll on everyone.

-Erin and Tyler finish the task first, with Bode and JoJo coming in second. Tom and Nick struggle to finish the task.

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-Once everyone finishes the task, they go through a series of exhausting exercises in the snow.

-Bode is at his limit and leaves. It also seems like he got hurt, so not sure if it is a medical or voluntary withdrawal.

-The remaining recruits leave the mountain and head back to the barracks.

-Everyone seems shocked that Bode is gone.

-JoJo doing Sandoval’s hair is something I never thought I’d see.

-The recruits now must learn how to survive behind enemy lines. They have a compass and must listen to detail in their cover story to keep themselves safe.

-JoJo taking over to make sure everyone is prepared shows me how amazing she is in this.

-Before they go, the recruits are given messages from home. Tyler watches one from his dad, who reminds him of how tough he is, while Nick’s fiancée reminds him to keep pushing. Erin’s teammate tells her to remember that she is a champion, while JoJo’s parents tell her that they are proud of her and to keep being brave. Tom’s mom also gives him a message reminding him not to give up.

-Tom is emotional after seeing his message.

-JoJo tells everyone to remember how far they have come.

-Potty time again.

-They all leave to the next mission, where they must navigate in unknown territory. They have no idea that there is an unknown military force about to attack.

-JoJo continues to be encouraging.

-They are all attacked and told to by the staff to stay together.

-Tom refuses to listen to JoJo and Erin and seems to leave them in the dust.

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-The staff is watching and get pissed off, while Erin and JoJo call Tom out for being disrespectful and not being a team player.

-The second team must chart a course in the right direction to get to their destination.

-Once they reach the destination, they must find the coordinate points to get to the next place.

-Nick loses his glove and freaks out over it. Tyler tells him to forget it and move on.

-Nick finds the glove and not a moment too soon because they are about to be attacked.

-JoJo, Erin and Tom are lost and try to cross over a river to get to the destination. They find a map to help them, while Tom decides to eat….as the enemy gets closer.

-REALLY, Tom? You’re about to be attacked and you decide it is a good time to have a snack? Lisa Vanderpump would not put up with this!

-The teams get closer to the destination, but head into open ground….crossing a road being watched by the enemy.

-The enemy is closing in as the teams make a run for it.

-Nick and Tyler are captured.

-JoJo, Tom and Erin make it to the end…..but are attacked in the process. The staff tells them to get down as they are captured as well….

-It is time for an interrogation.

-Finale next week, stay tuned.

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