Big Brother 25 Finale Recap for 11/9/2023

Big Brother 25 Finale Recap for 11/9/2023

It has all come down to this…..tonight the 25th winner of CBS’s Big Brother will be crowned. It is down to Matt, Jag and Bowie, all of whom played the game in their own way and made it to the final three after 100 days in the house.


HOH Part 1! This picked up where we left off Tuesday, with everyone covered in disgusting garbage while being slammed against a wall. Bowie falls first, with Matt and Jag holding fast. The two of them rock, paper scissors for the win….with Matt winning on both counts.


Dr. Will Kirby talks to the jurors. Felicia talks about her time in the house and what led her to being in the jury. She thinks this is a ‘$750,000 mistake’ by Jag. America and Cory think Bowie played a good floater game. Everyone else discusses her gameplay and whether or not she actually did anything on her own  while in the house. They all agree Jag controlled the house and the only reason he got this far was because Matt had a power that brought him back. They all agree Matt had the best social game, but never owned up to anything.


HOH Part 2! Bowie and Jag must list all the comps in chronological order according to universe in the shortest amount of time. The two of them struggle, but both manage to finish. However, Jag beat Bowie time wise and won.

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HOH Part 3! Matt and Jag play a two truths and a lie game based on a questionnaire from the jury members. They remain head-to-head and need a tiebreaker to pick a winner….which is to guess how many minutes the first HOH took that night. Jag wins and becomes the final HOH.


Jag now must choose his final two partner. He chooses Matt, sending Bowie to the jury. She tells Julie she isn’t surprised and Jag did what he had to do.


The jury now question the final two on their gameplay, where we basically learn Matt told people what they wanted to hear and Jag was in it for himself.


After the final two each give their final appeals to win, the jury casts their vote.


The non-jury household members all come back and share their thoughts on the season. Mecole is all about Cameron, Hisam wishes he knew Mecole was a political consultant so they could have worked together….and they all learn that Bowie is a criminal attorney….and 45 years old.


Felicia is NOT related to Denzel Washington.


Everyone finds out that Jared and Cirie are related….did no one realize they had the same last name? Granted, it is a common name, but still. Everyone is shocked!


Matt saying Cory and America are related sent everyone into a tizzy of laughter.


Izzy is the only one who knew all along due to being a Survivor fan.


In a5-2  vote…..JAG wins Big Brother…..which surprises exactly zero people watching.


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Cirie, Matt and Cameron are up for America’s Favorite Player, with Cameron winning!


Frankie, Britney and Danielle return with the time laser to close the BB multiverse….and bring Christmas into the house…..which leads to the announcement of Big Brother Reindeer Games. Several legends, and someone from this season, will return for the special event.

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