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Celebrity Big Brother Quick-Cap for 2/16/2022

Celebrity Big Brother Quick-Cap for 2/16/2022

  • Really Miesha? You think you are that good by doing the impossible?
  • Lamar seems like he genuinely liked Shanna, but he has NO clue how to play this game. Why would he tell Miesha he was considering voting her out?
  • So…Todrick and Miesha are doing….,pretty much what they were accusing Shanna of doing?
  • The Guess that Ingredient HOH is actually kind of cool. It reminds me of making weird concoctions and daring others to drink them as a kid.
  • Todd Bridges is HOH!
  • Miesha is going to use Todd to get Carson and Cynthia on the block.
  • Todd chooses Todrick and Lamar as the ‘mascots’ for the week.  Lamar is NOT happy, but Todrick says that if you didn’t wear a costume on BB, did you even play?
  • The two of them are dressed as a cocktail and have to be attached to each other….this is hysterical and insane. They have to do everything together….even poop together!
  • I am sobbing listening to the letter Todd’s kids wrote to him….it was so beautiful. The fact that he was crying and so moved he couldn’t even read the letter showed how much he loves them.
  • Todd is considering using Lamar as a pawn and keep Cynthia off the block…..everyone thinks this is a weird move, but he and Miesha are on the same page because Carson is going up.
  • Carson is not at all surprised by this and says c’est la ve, which is French for ‘this sucks!’ Cynthia on the other hand, is shocked, but not questioning anything.
  • Todd puts Carson up because he is so good at the game and well liked, while he thinks Lamar has a shot at winning.
  • More Friday, stay tuned!
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