People Magazine Investigates Recap for Dead in Bed

People Magazine Investigates Recap for Dead in Bed

People Magazine Investigates Recap for Dead in Bed

-This week’s episode of People Magazine Investigates is called Dead in Bed and focuses on the case of Brittany McGlone’s murder.

-Brittant was a well-liked honors student who worked two jobs and planned on attending college.

-While working at Lowes, she met and began dating a guy named Jeff, whom her family disliked.

-On May 3rd, 2007, Brittany went to Jeff’s after work instead of coming straight home. She called her mom to let her know and remind her that she loved her. That was the last time anyone heard from her.

-The next day, Jeff called Brittany’s mom Patricia looking for Brittany. Patricia told him that she thought she was with him and immediately began to worry.

-Deputy Mark Miller got a call that afternoon about the discovery of a dead body in a bed. He had very little information when he went to investigate….but soon discovered that Brittany was dead in the bed, covered in blood.

-Further investigation discovered that a sexual assault took place and that the shower had been used. Evidence was collected, but the murder weapon appeared to be missing. There was also no forced entry.

-The family recalls getting the news and being completely confused and devastated.

-Jeff gave his statement to the police, saying that Brittany came over after work and they spent the night together before he left to pick up his grandmother. His sister’s boyfriend Chad stopped by before they left to pick something up but left right before Jeff left with his father.

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-Jeff also recalls discovering Brittany’s body when he came home later on that afternoon. He was in a state of shock.

-It turned out that the couple recently broke up and she hooked up with another guy but got back together. Jeff also had left weed money for a guy named Cody, but discovered the money gone and no weed.

-An autopsy revealed that Brittany died from blunt force trauma and there was no sexual assault after all.

-Everyone who had been at the house was questioned, as well as Justin, the guy who Brittany hooked up with while on a break from Jeff.

-Brittany is laid to rest and people wonder if her killer attended the funeral.

-Brittany’s sister Hope revealed that Brittany told her that their adoptive grandfather sexually abused her. Her aunt Paula also confirmed the allegations, saying Brittany also told her this.

-Despite these allegations, James is proven to have a solid alibi for the day of the murder.

-Jeff and Chad were both given polygraphs, with Chad failing, making him the primary suspect. It is also discovered that Chad assaulted women in a similar fashion as to how Brittany was found.

-Chad’s house was searched. Blood clothes, two pairs of female panties in two different sizes and a ski mask were found. One pair of panties belonged to Chad’s girlfriend, while the other were suspected to be Brittany’s.

-Chad was asked to give an alibi. He gave several places where he claimed to be, but it was proven he’d lied about the timeline….which fit into the time that Brittany was killed.

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-Chad was questioned again. Despite being the prime suspect, but there was not enough evidence to keep him.

-DNA evidence also failed to find anything that connected Chad to the crime scene. The panties were also washed, so the DNS was gone.

-Eight months later, Chad’s girlfriend Velva came into the police station to talk about Chad.

-By now, Chad and Velva were broken up. She revealed that he seemed nervous on the day of the murder and smelled of the same soap that was lingering at the scene of the crime.

-Velva and her mother (who was with her at the police station) revealed that Chad was upset that he was not allowed to stay overnight, but Brittany had permission. Authorities see this as motive for the attack, but it is still not enough for an arrest.

-Chad ended up in prison in 2012 for an unrelated sexual assault crime.

-The case goes cold. Chad is eventually released from prison.

-In 2021, the case is reopened by Kelly Cole….a new sheriff in town. People Magazine’s Stephanie Bauer also takes interest in the case, along with Captain Chilson. They finally get enough evidence to arrest Chad.

-However, relief is short lived when it is announced that there is not enough evidence to hold Chad or take him to trial. He ends up being released.

-The case is still ongoing and authorities and the family will not rest until the killer is brought to justice.

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