The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for Sing Sing for Your Supper

The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for Sing Sing for Your Supper

The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap for Sing Sing for Your Supper


Tonight’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac picks up where we left off with the women fighting at Wendy’s Nude Interlude party.

Topics include plastic surgery, weddings and Sing Sing…..I have no idea how any of these topics relate, but there you go.

Karen is upset that Mia isn’t being loyal, but how did she not expect that the women would all become friends.

Oh, and the titty cupcakes were interesting…..I would think they could be used for a bachelor party as well?


The next day, Mia tries to do business calls while helping the kids make cupcakes. She asks her daughter JuJu who runs the world and laughs when she answers with bad guys.

JuJu throws a tantrum over not having sprinkles, so Mia tries to calm her down. She admits she is still trying to calm things down.


Candiace goes to work on set, saying she is trying to balance everything….including her acting, personal life, getting her MBA and her album, darling! How she balances it all is beyond me, but at least Chris tries to help her by being her husband-ger.



Ashley’s mom comes to visit her to talk about how she got a new nanny to help her with Dean and the baby-to-be. Once Dean goes down for a nap, Ashley tells her mom about how she and Michael are working on their marriage and sex life. She says that since she is pregnant, they are getting creative to get their needs met. Her mom says now Michael won’t have to go elsewhere for fulfillment.

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Gizelle shows off her new house and talks about her relationship with Jamal. Right now, they are long distance, which is causing problems.

She and Robyn call Candice to gossip about the party and make fun of Wendy and Mia’s new plastic surgeries. The topic then switches to the drama with Karen, with Gizelle saying she no longer needs or wants to be associated with her.



Karen tells Ray she wants to have a love party. She wants to invite the group and their husbands….or says they can come alone if they would prefer. She knows there is some drama with some of the ladies, but will invite them anyway.



Wendy shows her family items from her new home line. Her mom is  not happy about it, but will support her nonetheless. Eddie agrees to be her business partner, but thinks she is not taking it as seriously as he would like.

Oh and Wendy’s mom wants the family to buy her new boobs….because that is what family does.



Ashley talks to her doula about placenta pills in order to prevent postpartum depression this time around.

Karen comes over at the end of the call to invite her to the party. They talk about her relationship with Michael and Sing Sing….which goes well with hotbox. Before we find out what that means, Dean wakes up from his nap in a bad mood. Karen leaves in a hurry with Ashley snarking that Karen always has a new face, so Dean didn’t recognize her.

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Everyone else gets invites to the party, giving their own snark about Karen and whether or not they will attend.

I just want to be invited to get the candies that came with the invitation!

Party time! It turns out Gizelle tossed the invite in the trash, so she will not be attending. Karen also thinks Robyn won’t come because she is ‘too far up Gizelle’s bush.’

She and Ray taste test food and drinks before people begin to arrive.



Gizelle eats dinner with her kids and tells them to appreciate the time together. She gives them a talk about bad boys and dating, but they refuse to take her seriously because she has bad taste in men.

Oh, and her daughter Grace is trying to pass her driver’s permit test again. She has no time to worry about what and who Gizelle is doing.



Back to the love party. Mia and Gordon arrive and immediately bond with Ray.

Wendy and Eddie also arrive and everyone begins to mingle. Ashley arrives next, but without her husband, who is watching Dean.

Candiace and Chris arrive next, with Candiace hoping that she and Karen can finally move forward.

After a bump in the road, they play a game testing how well the couples know each other. They discuss sex, who they are attracted to in the group and where they met. Wendy and Eddie win, but things get interesting when Mia and G say they met at the strip club. Mia claims that she is a bartender, but the others wonder if she was actually a stripper….

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More next week, stay tuned.



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