Will Trent Recap for 3/26/2024

Will Trent Recap for 3/26/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/9/2024

WILL TRENT - ABCÕs ÒWill TrentÓ stars Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell, Jake Mclaughlin as Michael Ormewood, Ram—n Rodr’guez as Will Trent, Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, and Sonja Sohn as Amanda Wagner. (ABC/Art Streiber)

Will Trent Recap for 3/26/2024

-Nico is my…..head of house. LOVE Nico! So glad they are back this season.

-You are Pee Pee Percy, King of the private dicks. That completely sent me.

-The Will flashbacks are so powerful….especially this one when he finds out his foster dad died.

-A spirit that steals souls….you mean like Amanda? This episode is filled with hilarious lines.

-I have a weird feeling the pudding is going to be significant.

-This party with guests being taken away by some sort of mythological monster is giving serious Unsolved Mysteries vibes…Boo Hag even looks like it belongs on the show.

-Nicole the victim pees behind the tree, screams and disappears along with two others….I am positive this episode is based on a true crime episode of some sort.

-The tracks are covered, fake grass is in the woods, beer bottles are used as decoration……..and then RJ is found alive after disappearing along with Nicole.

-There is a witch now too….Erykah Goodwine….but we soon learnt that she is trying to protect the resting place of her ancestors.

-Erykah is a sculptor with tools that could be evidence and refuses to cooperate with the police…..and then she puts a hex on everyone.

-Angie and Michael are watching a Real Housewives spoof for a case….and are using episodes for evidence as they question said housewives. I am LOVING this episode.

-Wait, who is Luke? I am so confused.

-Oh, he is Faith’s gentleman friend.

-Those dead birds scared the crap out of me…..

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-Now there is a baby goat missing? AND it may be an epidemic? This is the best episode ever!

-Flushing? Like a toilet? ::Will goes on to explain the whole bird attack thing::

-The same fake grass is at the scene of the goat-napping. Are these cases connected?

-Hannah thinks that Erykah may have turned her friends into birds?

-Another missing child may be connected with Erykah….this is creepy.

-Crystal returning and getting a job at the diner makes me so happy.

-The Housewives producer seems confused as to why he is being asked to investigate a murder…..but is more interested in Michael being a superfan.

-Luke leaving without saying anything leads to Will and Faith spying.

-Will randomly having a flashback in the woods and breaking down about it to Faith is probably some of the best acting I have seen in a long time. When he talks about the murder of his foster mother….whoa…..Ramon Rodriguez deserves allllll the awards for this scene alone.

-OMG…..RJ was killed not even an hour after being questioned? That completely shook me.

-Is Erykah a parental figure to RJ? I honestly doubt she killed him.

-It smells like Chardonnay and cotton candy in there! Make it stop!

-So the rival housewife did do it! However, thanks to the producer dude barging in, she is trying to escape and is throwing a Teresa like tantrum before storming into the….supply closet?

-Will realized that Ken was being abused and ran away to live in the wild….so now it is up to him to help.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa…..Bradley and RJ drugged Nicole to rape her…..and Ken was the hero trying to save her and Alex.

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-Bradley is arrested for RJ’s murder and the attempted rape of Nicole.

-Amanda seems so excited over the peach cobbler.

-I love the Faith/Will dynamic.

-Luke seems like a sweet guy. I hope we see more of him with Faith.

-Michael coming home to see that his wife left him makes me so sad. I know they had their issues, but he did seem to love her.

-I forgot about the letter to Will’s uncle….it was mentioned so briefly, but I have a feeling the uncle is going to have a huge impact on Will.

-WTF with that ending and the message in the elevator? Who is threatening Amanda?

-More next week, stay tuned.

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