The Masked Singer Recap for 9/10/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 11/8/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 9/10/2023

Anonymouse: She performs to What About Love and WOW, what a way to kick off the season. My jaw is on the ground from start to finish….WOW. I have no other words for how incredible this performance is…..

No clues?

The judges are in awe of her as well.

She is on the Time 100 List.

Guesses include Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.


-It seems like this is a recap show mixed with the first unmasking of the season. We get a throwback to Donny Osmond’s time on the show, Kermit the Frog, Dick Van Dyke, William Shatner and many, many others. As an aside, no one will ever top Dick Van Dyke’s reveal.


-Rumer Willis and Kelly Williams from Destiny’s Child perform You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman).


-After a moment from the Sun, aka, LeeAnn Rimes, Anonymouse says her career is CEMENTED. New guesses include Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, P!nk and Demi Lovato.


-Season ten will also include the Diver, who has a clue in the sky….a cardinal….a sports figure, maybe?


-Nicole Scherzinger performs with Victor Oladipo and Barry Zito from seasons past…..which leads to their best moments on the show.


-Gazelle in season ten is connected to someone from season four.


-Bow Wow and Joey Fatone perform next….channeling the Jackson 5.


-More flashbacks to some of the show’s most iconic performances……then we get more Anonymouse clues. She has a connection to the Jonas Brothers, struggles with demons that led to bad decisions, has a princess crown and began her career as a young child.

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-Guesses include Demi Lovato (I can see this), Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson…..I think it is either Demi or Selena Gomez.


-The Royal Hen is world renowned and the Husky is a millionaire….and we will need to tune in this season to find out their identities.


-After more flashbacks and another performance from Nicole, we finally get to our reveal…….


-Anonymouse is none other than DEMI LOVATO!!!


-More on September 27th….stay tuned!!!

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