Married to Medicine Reunion Recap for June 27, 2021

Married to Medicine Reunion Recap for June 27, 2021

Married to Medicine Reunion Recap for June 27, 2021

Tonight’s Married to Medicine reunion opens with Andy Cohen asking the ladies how they are doing….as they throw shade at each other.


After we see some of their COVID moments, Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Contessa share how their businesses have changed. Dr. Contessa is practicing telehealth, while Dr. Heavenly’s business was closed for 40 days.


We see a recap of Anila’s time during the season, including her move and the drama within the group. She is now moved in the house, which cost her a cool three million dollars. Nobody has visited her because her husband wants them settle in first. Cue the snark from viewers who think she wasted money and cannot pay people in time. She shows the receipts that she does pay things on time, but this leads to yet another fight between her and Toya.


Anila gives the women hashtags on their looks….right before the fight once again picks up steam. It gets so loud that Andy says the ‘old white guy’ wants to speak. Toya finally apologizes, but not before there is more fighting. The two of them hug it out in the end.



Quad is the next to see her highlights from the season, which includes her ‘treat your weave like your vajayjay’ moment, the pictures she posted and her interesting moments on social media. She then talks about her own new house, which she paid for on her own. This of course leads to more drama, including some having to do with emojis and Dr. Heavenly. Cue more fighting.

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Andy shows more highlights from the season, which leads to the ladies fighting once again. There are lots of no-no words being bleeped out.


Toya continues to talk about Quad and Anila’s houses and then Andy shows more COVID love moments from the season.  Again, we have more fighting and a revelation that Quad and Toya kissed. They all decide to kiss it out, which leads to Toya and Dr. Heavenly kissing.


The husbands are waiting in the other room while the other women talk about marriage and divorce when it comes to Contessa. She is separated and we will have to find out in two weeks to see what happens. Stay tuned.

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