Outchef’d Recap for 8/31/2023

Outchef’d Recap for 8/31/2023

Outchef'd Recap for 8/31/2023

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Outchef’d Recap for 8/31/2023

Outchef’d Recap for 8/31/2023…..a home cook and Food Network star compete in a head-to-head challenge.

-Cristina is a mom and housewife from New Jersey. Geoffery Zakarian is an Iron Chef star and the ‘king of food.’

-The two of them have 45 minutes to cook a dish featuring tomatoes.

-Cristina cooks penne arrabbiata. Geoffery is making bucatini all ‘amatriciana.

-Both of them are in awe of each other’s dishes. Cristina, however, won’t taste her dish because has meat in it. She is curious about Geoffery’s dish, which has guanciale in it, aka an Italian bacon. She thinks she has no chance of winning at this point.

-Cristina’s tomatoes seem to get lost in the dish, worrying Eddie. Geoffery goes to extra lengths to make sure he has enough.

-Eddie looks for judges on the streets to taste the food.

-Cristina reconsiders her decision to not eat meat because she thinks Geoffery’s dish sounds and smells so good.

-Before long, time is up and the dishes are judged. After giving the pros and cons, each judge votes for their favorite dish.

-Geoffery gets all four votes, therefore winning the competition. Cristina gets an autographed apron from Geoffery.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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