Outchef’d Recap for 7/20/2023

Outchef'd Recap for 7/20/2023

Outchef’d Recap for 7/20/2023

-This week our home cook Mike Mazza will be cooking against Rocco DiSpirito. As an aside, I forgot he was on Dancing With the Stars back in the day.

-The two of them have 45 minutes to cook a dish with capon….which is a more tender version of chicken.

-Michael makes crispy capon with polenta. Rocco makes Moroccan capon tagine with couscous.

-Rocco feels intimidated by Mike because he seems to have a lot of experience in the kitchen.

-Michael burns his mushrooms and has to start them again.

-Rocco seems to be struggling with time management and hopes his dish is done in time.

-Eddie Jackson scours the streets to find judges to taste the food.

-Rocco’s stew is not cooking, causing him to continue to worry about time and if he can actually finish the dish.

-Rocco finally finds a way to finish the dish.

-Michael, however, worries about his dish finishing and being cooked properly. He ends up having to cook it on a higher temperature and hopes for the best.

-The judges give pros and cons of each dish and vote for their favorites.

-Michael gets one vote, $5000 and an autographed apron from Rocco.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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