Outchef’d Recap for 7/13/2023

Outchef'd Recap for 8/31/2023

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Outchef’d Recap for 7/13/2023

-This week’s home chef is Jonathan Sindler, who is a band director. As always, the thinks this is an audition for a new Food Network show. He is there with his mom, husband and BFF.

-The professional chef who is cooking against him is…..Alex Guarnaschelli!

-The two of them have 45 minutes to cook a dish featuring crab.

-Jonathan makes lump crab meat with garlic sauce with jasmine rice and asparagus.

-Alex makes a crab cake with bacon and corn salad.

-Jonathan jokes that cognac is there to keep him relaxed while he cooks…..not going to disagree there.

-Eddie Jackson goes to find some judges on the streets. I agree with the one dude who says that this could only happen in New York.

-The fact that Jonathan never made this dish before with crab is a bit worrisome.

-Jonathan also has issues with his sauce being too thin, so he adds cornstarch to thicken it.

-The judges give the pros and cons of each dish and seem to prefer Alex’s dish.

-Alex wins in a unanimous vote.

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