Outchef’d Recap for 7/6/2023

Outchef'd Recap for 8/31/2023

Outchef’d Recap for 7/6/2023

-This week’s episode is Marcus Andrews (who is a home cook) vs. professional chef Antonia Lofaso.

-They have 45 minutes to cook a dish with cheese as the star ingredient.

-Marcus makes mac and cheese with cheesy meatballs in a BBQ sauce.

-Antonia also makes mac and cheese, but hers has ricotta toast as a side dish.

-This mac and cheese is so fancy compared to my simple recipe! I would try either one of them, to be honest. I’d even try the meatballs and ricotta toast.

-Eddie looking for judges to try food on the streets of NYC will never fail to make me smile!

-Marcus seems to be struggling with time and hopes his meatballs get done in time.

-Antonia’s cream sauce looks next level delicious.

-Marcus continues to struggle with his meatballs, while Antonia seems to be doing well with getting her food done on time.

-It is a challenge, but Marcus is able to get everything on a plate before time runs out.

-Both dishes look and sound delicious, but if I had to pick, I would choose Marcus’s.

-The judges give pros and cons of each dish before coming to their decision on which one reigns supreme.

-The results are in and…..Chef Antonia wins it all!

-More next week, stay tuned!

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