Battle of the Decades Recap for 8/30/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 8/30/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 9/13/2023

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Battle of the Decades Recap for 8/30/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 8/30/2023–let’s go back to 1977!

-This week’s Battle of the Decades takes us back to 1977….when Jimmy Carter was President, Apple 2 and Polaroid hit shelves and Star Wars made its debut…..just to name a few iconic moments.

Eddie Jackson and his dad Eddie Jackson Sr. are judges this week.

-The ingredients this week are bologna, pineapple and Hamburger Helper. They must use all of them in their dish…with the help of a fondue pot.

-Greg and Ayo are making a Carbonara with pineapple salsa.

-Martin and Charlie make a croquette dish with scallops.

-John and Katie make a pineapple fried rice with pork chops.

-As everyone is hard at work, Jonathan, Eddie and Eddie Sr. talk about using the ingredients and using a fondue pot. Eddie Sr. remembers his grandmother using a fondue pot and thinking she was so fancy.

-Charlie using the torch on the scallops is a wonderful idea.

-Katie and John’s dish is too salty, so they must cut it with more rice and pineapple.

-Before long, time is up and the judges must taste the dishes. They give the pros and cons on each before giving the results from round one.

-Katie and John are eliminated

Battle of the Decades Round 2:

-The remaining teams need to make a dish based on the souffle pancake.

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-Ayo and Greg make Japanese souffle waffles and chicken.

-Martin and Charlie make seared tuna with arugula souffle pancakes.

-Greg has to redo the pancakes with very little time left. He and Ayo say they wish they had more time.

-Round two is over! the judges now must taste and rate these dishes.

-After giving the pros and cons on each dish, we finally get the results. The team moving on to the final round is Ayo and Greg.

Battle of the Decades Round 3:

-The two of them are now rivals and must cook their version chicken Kiev.

-Greg makes a meatball Kiev with ground chicken, while Ayo makes sushi Kiev roll.

-The two of them work hard on their dishes with Jonathan and the Eddies giving commentary the entire time

-Before long, the round is over and the judges taste both dishes.

-After giving the pros and cons, the winner is announced……



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