Halloween Baking Championship Season Nine Premiere Recap

Halloween Baking Championship Season Nine Premiere Recap

Halloween Baking Championship Season Nine Premiere Recap

-Halloween Baking Championship! What a way to kick off the fall season!

-Challenge one: Cook a tiramisu with a tarot card design….based on a card they were given. They card will also have a special ingredient that they must use.

-Dan is an actor-turned-baker who is the king of dad jokes. He must add amaretto to his tiramisu and use the Strength card for his design.

-Adesuwa is a baker, chef, food scientist and sommelier. She is also the first to earn all  Her card is Fool and her flavor is limoncello.

-James is a sugar daddy—as in a baker who owns a bakery called Sugar Daddy. He makes a pistachio flavored tiramisu and hopes he can do it Justice….for that is his card.

-Stacey has the Death card and is making a chocolate hazelnut version of tiramisu.

-Hollie loves Halloween and is from Australia. Her dessert has cherries and will feature the Sun. She immediately runs into problems when her ladyfingers go flat and she must start over.

-Christa is a former occupational therapist who became a baker. She got Italian cherries and also got the Sun for her card.

-Ryan is a pastry chef from Nashville. He got amaretto and Strength, just like Dan. He burns one batch of ladyfingers, but the second one comes out perfectly.

-Shefali is a lawyer, dancer, mom and baker. She also got the Fool and limoncello.

-Mike is a former law enforcement worker who got into baking as a new way to serve people. He got chocolate liqueur and the Lovers card.

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-Chad is a culinary instructor who is in a death metal band. He got the Death card and hazelnut flavor.

-Phoebe recently lost 100 plus pounds and is enjoying being the new Phoebe. She also got pistachio and Justice.

-Mandi also got Lovers and chocolate liqueur. She was a special effects makeup artist and now owns a horror themed bakery.

-Before long, time is up and the bakers must share their creations with the judges, who give their pros and cons of each.

-Ryan wins the challenge and will have an advantage in the next challenge.

-The Killer Challenge is to make an evil clown cake.

-No word on what the advantage is yet.

-Hollie makes an Australian chocolate cake with caramel.

-Dan makes a caramel corn cake.

-James’s cake has a Mexican hot chocolate flavor to it.

-Phoebe makes chocolate peanut butter cake with candies.

-Mike makes a red velvet cake.

-Twist! They need to add a fried carnival food to their dish. Ryan gets first pick since he won the previous challenge. He chooses fried bacon.

-Everyone else chooses their own fried snack to add to their cakes.

-Mike’s cake is too raw and there is not enough time to make another.

-These clowns are incredible….these people have such amazing talent.

-Chad has to improvise since he is running out of time to decorate his cake.

-Before long, time is up….and James realizes he forgot to add his churros to his cake.

-The judges are back to taste the cakes and give their pros and cons.

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-Hollie and Ryan are the top two, with Ryan winning again.

-Mandi, Christa, Shefali, phoebe, Stacey, Dan and Adesuwa are safe.

-Mike, Chad and James are in the bottom three.

-Mike is eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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