Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale Recap for 12/21/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale Recap for 12/21/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale Recap for 12/21/2023

It is the final episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games on CBS. Xavier, Taylor, Nicole and Frankie remain and as of now, it is anyone’s game!


First up: The Final Naughty and Nice Challenge! They must study artwork inside the house and figure out which one was replaced. Xavier wins after carefully studying each picture. His prize is to set tournament brackets the next challenge and get a 30 second head start in the game.

He must punish one houseguest by delaying their game by 30 seconds.


The brackets are Xavier and Nicole vs. Taylor and Frankie.


Team one must assemble a series of gears to make a nutcracker operate. Xavier has a 30 second advantage, but Nicole beats him and knocks him out of the competition.


Frankie and Taylor’s challenge has them target elves, but make sure they don’t hit any good guys. If they do, they will have to start over. It is a close game….until Frankie hits a good elf and must start over, giving Taylor the win.


Taylor and Nicole must now face off against each other. They must complete three tasks and bring Santa three pieces to get his sleigh going.


The first part is stacking tree pieces to reach a mistletoe and bring it to Santa. The pieces are very wobbly, making it even harder to accomplish. However, Taylor finishes and is ahead of the game.

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Part two has them spin a moving puzzle to free magic antlers. Taylor remains in the lead.


The final part has them make a big snowflake out of smaller ones. Taylor remains in the lead, but Nicole soon catches up, allowing them to remain neck and neck.


Nicole manages to take the lead and win the entire competition!


That is a wrap for this season!

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