Guy’s All American Road Trip Recap for 6/23/2023

Guy's All American Road Trip Recap for 6/23/2023

Guy’s All American Road Trip Recap for 6/23/2023

-This week, we are in South Pittsburg!

-I never knew so much work went into making cast iron equipment. I hate using it because it is such a pain to clean and heavy, but it is still cool to see the process.

-Lodge seems to be such a cool company run by some amazing people. I would love to check it out one day.

-This mushroom place is super interesting…..I never knew so much work went into growing them and that there were so many different kinds.

-The Alice in Wonderland comment had me cracking up.

-The three guys who did the mushroom segment are awesome, shoutout to Midway Mushrooms in Sewanee, Tennessee for a great learning experience. (

-Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe, despite being taken over by a new owner, still keeps the old traditions of the original and that is just beautiful.

-Chuck wagon bread is made with malt and has a light flavor. I never heard of it before, but it sounds delightful!

-The cake selection is amazing….alcohol induced, OG flavors, unique mixtures…..I need to up my baking game after watching this!

-I think I need to visit this bakery, everything looks so good. The owners also seem so nice, which would make it an even better experience.

-The gang is now making dinner using the cast iron grill and mushrooms they got earlier in the day. It is so cool how they use things they get in each episode….it shows how they appreciate each thing. As an aside, that steak and mushroom dish looks delicious.

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-The Tennessee Aquarium showing the gang how to make food for the animals is amazing, I never would have thought to do/watch a segment on this, but I love it!

-Off to Nashville! I hope it isn’t a disaster the way it was on RHONJ!

-These competitions remind me of Field Day from when I was in school.

-American Paint looks like such a fun place to go. I would love to make my own cowboy hat.

-We are back at Martin’s for some BBQ! There is also a recap of all the food they tried and how it was made. As an aside, I am almost positive this place was on RHONJ!

-Rotas are in third place, Magiletz are in second place and the Fieris are in first place for the game competition. The Price family is in last place and get their gnome from good ole’ Demaris Phillips.

-That’s a wrap!

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