Guy’s All-American Road Trip: Flavortown and Family Fun

Guy's All-American Road Trip: Flavortown and Family Fun

Guy’s All-American Road Trip: Flavortown and Family Fun

-We are in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee this week!

-I had no idea Flavortown was conceived from an episode of DDD….and now it inspired Downtown Flavortown.

-The inside of the restaurant looks like Dave and Busters meets Hard Rock Cafe.

-The food in this place looks amazing–trash can nachos, cheeseburger pizza, assorted burgers and fries….I am getting hungry just looking at it all!

-Super crispy crunchy cooked fries with wing sauce sounds amazing….just swap the bleu cheese with ranch!

-Guy is smart for getting fries and wing sauce for cheap when he was a broke college student.

-Spaghetti and waffles with meatballs and cheese sounds so odd, but so good at the same time.

-I like seeing how they make their signature cocktails, especially the Blue Hawaii and pina colada. I’m not much into drinking anymore, but I would try these.

-I am confused as to why they slapped the mint before putting it on the drink, but to each their own?

-I have no idea who Joe Vitale is, but he is super talented. Those tiki glasses are so intricate and gorgeous.

-Fiery Fieri is not a drink I would try, but I know my brother-in-law would love it.

-I have never seen a mini bowl before, but I think it might be fun….and make me decent at bowling.

-I love how the Fieris play games and have some friendly competition with different families.

-Guy is making knives? Hmmm, that looks fun. I have to find something like this for my brother-in-law, I think he would love this.

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-Dollywood! It is on my bucket list to go there. I am not wild about amusement park rides, but I would love to go for the experience.

-I didn’t expect a place like Aunt Granny’s at Dollywood, but it makes sense. They serve comfort food like fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and all the fixings…it looks like the restaurant alone is worth the trip to Dollywood.

-400-600 pounds of chicken sold per day….thousands of loaves of cinnamon bread……….just hearing those numbers blows my mind.

-After Dollywood, it is off to Madisonville to go to Benton’s, which is known for its ham and bacon.

-I had no idea that ham and bacon was such a long, time-consuming process. There goes my plan to try and make my own!

-I just realized that the families that they do the games with are actually with them the entire time.

-This episode is really making me want to go to Tennessee.

-Next stop, South Pittsburg!

-Ramirez family in 3rd place, Rodriguez family is in 2nd place and the Fieris are in the lead for the bowling competition.

-As of now, the Fieris have 125 points, the Rotas have 70, the Rodirguezes have 65, the Magelitz family has 55, the Thompsons have 40, the Ramierzes have  35 and the Prices have 25 points.

-Chico got a trophy for winning the most points in the bowling competition.

-The episode ends with a buffet of food from Chef Cesar.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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