Undercover Underage Recap for Triple Threat

Undercover Underage Recap for Triple Threat

Undercover Underage Recap for Triple Threat

-The season finale of Undercover Underage is called Triple Threat.

-The episode opens with Isabel/Abby being accused of being a cop and catfishing people. The wonder if the gig is up or if someone is using their footage to tell ACMs they are being targeted.

-Isabel is now a decoy named Paisley, with her profile set to private to see if they can expose who is giving information to ACMs.

-Paisley, who supposedly lives with her grandmother in another part of Oklahoma (far from Abby), is targeted by another ACM, who is also talking to Mikayla and Skylar, two of the other decoys.

-This ACM is called The Bodybuilder. He wants nudes and undie pics of Paisley, as well as to meet her to see her naked. The pictures are a combo of old and new, with some of them with a tattoo and some without. He sends some of the same pictures to Mikayla and Skylar, asking questions about sex and virginity.

-He gives vague information, making it that much harder to figure out his identity. He wants to meet Paisley and Skylar, making them think that he is reaching out to other kids as well.

-The Bodybuilder knows he will get in trouble if he shows his face, but agrees to a phone call with Paisley. He reveals that he is with someone his own age, but being with her would be a fantasy come true.

-Abby is being phased out, but they find more messages from another ACM that are nothing short of disturbing, They keep her profile opened and he admits to having been with a fourteen-year-old. He also calls Abby his girlfriend and makes it cleat he wants something sexual.

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-This ACM is following minors, particularly pregnant teens. His profile shows him in a utility closet and one that looks like he could be in jail. There is a comment that he should be in jail and another that shows him in contact with a minor who loves horses, like Abby. They only have his first name, but it is enough to find his identity.

-He is indeed in prison for child molestation, statutory rape and other sex crimes against a child. They have no idea how he is communicating from jail. He is now known as The Prisoner and faced 20 more years in prison.

-The Prisoner tells Abby he is leaving jail soon, but it is obvious he is not rehabilitated. Roo calls Major Flowers to tell him about The Prisoner and how he wants to impregnate Abby. He is also sending lewd photos. Major Flowers says he has a contraband phone and they have no clue how it happened.

-The Bodybuilder wants proof the girls are real and finally agrees to a video call with Paisley. However, the call never happens and they wonder if he is moving on to real minors.

-The Prisoner wants to see Abby’s room, which is crucial to get him to agree to the video call. The plan works!

-The Prisoner shows his face and room, but makes it known that he isn’t supposed to have a phone or anything, hence which is why he can’t show her the common area. He says he wants to marry her and makes more disturbing comments. Everything will be used to make sure he cannot be in contact with another minor again.

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-The gang finds The Bodybuilder in teen chat rooms via Kik. They use Brooke (Roo as a 21-year-old) to talk to him….and get a picture that doesn’t match any of the pictures the girls got. She gets a facial picture, which also does not match what they have. He is in Tulsa and wants to meet….but also admits he sent fake pictures as a test to see if it was real. He sends another one, which doesn’t match anything at all. He admitted that he used a picture from a friend’s Facebook page, but he claims to be a bodybuilder for real.

-He admits that he is taking a boat to the store to get a stereo put in and a friend owns said shop. They look for shops that put stereos in boats and may have found a lead. They find a tag on the boat and try and have the police run the tag…..and hit pay dirt on getting his identity.

-He is 37, doesn’t live in the area he claimed and has a wife and children. They know he lied about everything and can finally catch him. Most disturbing, he has a daughter who is around the same age as the girls he thinks he is talking to online.

-Brooke is meeting with The Bodybuilder at a park online. Little does he know that this is going to be a takedown to put him in jail. Roo is nervous about this, especially with the information they have.

-THE BODYBUILDER IS ARRESTED! He claims he is going through a tough time and cannot go to jail. He admits that he was wrong to talking to the girl and that he is engaged and they each have two kids…..and that he was touching his stepdaughter to be for years. He also has child porn on his phone, including pictures of the stepdaughter to be, which he claimed he deleted. While the police talk, he prays for help.

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-The team reflects on the work they did and how it made a difference in many lives.

-SOSA led to dozens of arrests in three months. They will not rest until all the predators are brought to justice.

-The Bodybuilder is in jail, after offering Nolo Contendere please to 3 counts of soliciting sexual conduct of a minor by use of technology and 1 count of possession of child pornography.

-He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and is currently in jail.

-He is also charged with one count of first-degree rape in the case of his stepdaughter. Adjudication is pending.

-The Prisoner is still in jail and faces another charge of lewd proposals to a child under sixteen, which can lead to 20 more years behind bars.



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