Undercover Underage Recap for Meeting a Monster

Undercover Underage Recap for Meeting a Monster

Undercover Underage Recap for Meeting a Monster

-This week’s episode of Undercover Underage continues where we left off last week with Roo and the gang tailing The Gray Man. He was chatting with ‘Abby’ and said he was going to Walmart….promising to get her a stuffed animal. Little does he know he is about to get busted. Sadly, it is a dead end.


-It turns out The Gray Man used a fake name, so they must now rely on his license plates to figure out his identity. A deeper dive shows that is active on CSAM and in possession of child pornography. This can land him in jail for up to 20 years.


-Becca, alias Skyler is prepping to catch another ACM. She does this to help others who were abused the way she was as a child. She makes videos on social media and ends up with an ACM they call The Visitor. He says he wants to talk, but they must keep it PG because he is not going to jail.


-The Visitor is believed to be a 35-year-old dad and agrees to a video chat. He also claims it is hard to keep it PG.


-During the call, they are able to get his hotel where he is staying, but still being careful with his language so he doesn’t get into trouble. He makes plans with her to hang out at the hotel….and asks her to wear fishnets.


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-SOSA arrives at the hotel to meet The Visitor. Roo and Shelby are able to confirm his identity, but cannot do anything without a warrant and proof that he is indeed with a minor.


-The Gray Man plans a camping trip with Abby. They all continue to dig into his life and find his identity, social media and a young wife who looks eerily similar to Abby. They make plans to meet at a park at 10:30 at night.


-The team realizes that they are being watched and stop the car they suspect may be driven by The Gray Man. It is not him, but two young kids.


-They finally get the right guy and arrest him. When they check the car, they see stuffed animals, a tent and something with the word Daddy on it. He claims he was camping and the trip with Abby was going to be completely innocent. He makes it seem like he knows he crossed a line and things look bad.


-The Gray Man also lets them know he is the dad of a twelve-year-old and a baby, the former living in another state.


-The police and The Gray Man call his wife and inform her of what is happening. She is understandably shocked and upset.


-The Gray Man is questioned and admits to what he planned on doing with Abby, all of it disturbing beyond words.


-A deeper dive shows that The Gray Man has been in contact with others and that his kids (and foster kids) are in danger. He also is in possession of child pornography and bestiality videos, as well as many other disgusting, disturbing things.

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-The Visitor continues to contact Skylar, getting more and more explicit every time. His identity is now known. The plan is for the team to get a hotel on the same floor where The Visitor is staying so they can be there when he meets with Skylar. They know this can be difficult, so they finally get him to agree to meet by an elevator.


-The plan is in motion to catch The Visitor. They catch him going outside to look for her, so they improvise their plan to get him. He is surprisingly cooperative and admits to everything. He is currently out on bail.


-The Gray Man is in prison.

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