Undercover Underage Recap for Hunting Shadows

Undercover Underage Recap for Hunting Shadows

Undercover Underage Recap for Hunting Shadows

-Last week’s Undercover Underage is called Hunting Shadows and once again has SOSA getting the scum off the streets using decoys, dedication and determination.

-The ACMs this week are The Prince and The Bachelor. Alisha is one of the decoys and is posing as fifteen-year-old Mikayla.

-Mikayla is in contact with The Prince, who requests nudes right away. They know he is in Oklahoma somewhere, but cannot get him pinpoint his exact location. The team decides to set up a video chat in order to see if they can get any clues. During the call, he gets explicit right away and agrees to meet her in a park driving a pickup truck.

-Abby is a 12-year-old decoy (actually a 20-year-old named Isabel) who is contacted by yet another ACM, this one being the engineer. He solicits her for sex during their conversations. He uses a burner phone and one of his pictures has a baby seat in the background.

-The Engineer makes plans to see her….but makes sure he mentions her age….and the fact that he will be using her to cheat on his wife. The gang sets up a video chat and once again, it is nothing short of disturbing. What makes it scarier is that he calls her from work, making it clear that he is taking the risk of getting caught.

-The gang discovers The Engineer is talking to other minors using his work computer. They look into possible companies and find a few that might be his place of employment. The plan is to find where he works and catch him under the guise of looking for a job.

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-Roo helps put the plan to catch The Prince into action. She is dressed as Mikayla and has the cops with her to make the arrest. Once he is caught, he makes ir seem like this was all her idea and he was there to talk. A deeper look into his truck showed drugs, razor blades and other garbage that suggest he was going to grab and assault her.

-The questioning of The Prince leads to him confessing that he was also talking to another girl….or so he thought….it was actually one of the men questioning him at the police station.

-Abby is still dealing with The Engineer, who is sending her sexually explicit photos. They get him on a video chat and he immediately makes it sexual in nature. She is able to get his wife’s name and how they met, as well as their vacation plans. He admits that they won’t be able to talk, but will text her. SOSA worries about what might happen with other kids while he is away.

-Mikayla is now talking to The Bachelor. He talks to her in Spanish and requests to video chat. SOSA is able to find his Facebook page, but the name he is using does not help identify him….suggesting that it is fake.

-Roo suggests they say Mikayla’s mom is at home, so they can text and watch each other over video at the same time. During said chat, The Bachelor plans to meet her, give her booze and have sex with her. He has no clue that the entire time, he is talking to Roo while Mikayla is in the background.

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-Abby tries to find a way to keep in contact with The Engineer based on the information they got from the video call. They hit pay dirt with the logo on the key lob….making it easy to finally find his him…via his wife’s Facebook page.

-Roo goes to meet with The Bachelor, who authorities have been trying to catch for the past two years. Despite trying to run, they are able to get him….thanks to another vehicle getting in the way just in time.

-The Engineer manages to keep in contact with Abby….but slips by saying he had to log into his phone. This leads them to believe that he is using a specific app to chat.

-The Engineer is also eventually caught. He is out on bond.

-The Bachelor is in prison for three years and seven on probation.

-The fate of The Prince is currently unknown since it was not shown on my version of the episode.

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