The Masked Singer Recap for 3/8/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 11/8/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 3/8/2023


It is DC Superheroes night on Fox’s The Masked Singer….complete with Christopher Reeves’s costume!


Gargoyle: He knew he wanted to be a superhero since he was six years old and shocked people with how hard he could slay. He went from being on the sidelines to being on the front lines.

He sings One Call Away from Charlie Puth. His voice sounds so familiar, but I cannot place it for the life of me….and it is driving me NUTS!

He says he is the king of making waves….and making history.  His clue, delivered by Helen Mirren and Zachary Levi via video, says he is a record maker.

Guesses include: The Weeknd, Odell Beckham Jr, Antonio Gates


Wolf: His clue package has saxophone music, romantic moments and Grammies. He is friends with lots of famous people in the music business, including Lady Gaha.

He sings Breakthrough by The Doors. Again, his voice sounds very familiar, but I am unable to place it. The performance is incredible, fun and even a bit sexy!

Helen and Zachary return to give another clue: Timberlake….which connects him to Justin…..and it is confirmed when Wolf says they collaborated.

Guesses include: Michael Bolton, Richard Marx


Squirrel: She was a figure skater with Olympic dreams and ended up in Hollywood. She did sitcoms, acne commercials and made out with Tom Cruise.

She sings Try by P!nk and knocks it out of the park. The clues are confusing to me, but for some reason I want to say it is Denise Richards and I have no clue why.

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Jim Lee, aka ‘Batman’s Boss,’ gives us a drawing that has the words ‘hero here’ hidden in it. She says she works hard and it is wonderful to watch the finished product.

Guesses include: Katie Holmes, Naomi Watts, Margot Robbie, Uma Thurman.


Time for the first unmasking! The Wolf is eliminated and he is none other than………MICHAEL BOLTON!


Battle Royale time! They both sing Kryptonite by Three Doors Down and do a great job, at this point, I would not be shocked if the ding dong save is used.


Squirrel is saved, so now we must learn the identity of Gargoyle…….who is none other than………..we don’t know because Jenny saves him!


More next week, stay tuned!



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