Undercover Underage Recap for Men Grooming Minors

Undercover Underage Recap for Men Grooming Minors

Undercover Underage Recap for Men Grooming Minors

-This week’s Undercover Underage is called Men Grooming Minors and is the fifth episode of the season. The episode opens with ‘Abby’ using her social media to show off filters. She knows it is to try and lure out ACMs, but she talks about how scary and challenging being a decoy can be. Roo Powell, the help behind it all, also talks about the same thing.

-Abby is contacted by an ACM who wants her to call him daddy and treat her like his little girl. He is known as The Gray Man due to the profile picture on his Snapchat profile.

-Gray Man talks to Abby about being a ‘good girl’ and proper princess. Due to what they find online, Roo suspects that he is up to terrible things online. This is confirmed when he requests Abby send a video of herself calling him daddy. Once she does this, he sends her a video calling her princess and asks about her first kiss and how he hopes it will be perfect when the time comes.

-SOSA looks at the video and concludes that Gray Man filmed this in a work bathroom. He claims to be 30, but looks older in the video. Despite the fact that he is being careful to not break the law, he comes across as dangerous with the way he is building trust.

-Gray Man also slips and gives his company name. Thanks to Linkedin, and narrow him down to 40 employees. Gray Man has given a name, which is the same as the CEO of the company. A deeper dive narrows him down to two possible people, but there is very little information on either suspect.

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-Matt the photographer taking time to help SOSA makes him such an incredible hero in my book…..the fact that he wants to help them so much shows he is such an incredible human being.

-‘Skylar’ is now talking to another ACM who wants to ‘train’ her and makes many sick, disturbing comments about her and what he wants to do when she turns sixteen.

-The Pilot’s charges would be soliciting sex with a minor and would face up to ten years in prison.

-A mad search begins to find The Pilot’s plane. They find the hangar where his plane is, but it are stopped by someone asking questions. They get some footage, but it isn’t much help.

-The Pilot tries to control Skylar, wanting her to say good morning and good night and approve her outfits.

-They get a picture of The Pilot in a garage at his home. This is a clue, but they need more to figure out his identity.

-Gray Man has been creepy, but there isn’t enough to get him on a crime, making things more frustrating.

-SOSA comes to the conclusion that Gray Man wants to kidnap ‘Abby.’

-Abby does a video chat with Gray Man after sending him a dance video. He tells her about working with the Royal Rangers, which is a church group for kids. He also mentions adoption and that he is unable to have kids of his own. He is still being careful in terms of sexual content,but wants to meet her in person.

-Abby tries to get his birthday by saying she wants to make him an art project, but he hangs up. She was also unable to get his face because it was dark and he was driving.

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-Skylar talks to The Pilot, who says that people have a problem with her age. He is also being evasive about giving her information on himself, so they find him on Tinder and try to do a match with someone who is not underaged. Enter 21-year-old ‘Brooke.’

-Roo is transforming into Brooke, while preparing for a video chat with The Pilot.

-Roo gets him to admit he likes younger women in college, but at least eighteen. She keeps asking questions and is able to get information on where he takes his plane. This gives them a clue and they are able to narrow down his location even more.

-They find a suspected address and find his name and Facebook page….as well as his fake name. The Pilot is identified.

-The Pilot is talking to Skylar in a sexually explicit way, but no longer interested in Brooke. They feel like they have enough to nail him at this point.

-The plan is to get him by arranging a meet up with Brooke. He agrees to meet for drinks and they set up the sting operation.

-The Pilot is arrested but won’t talk without a lawyer. He is currently out on bail and faces up to ten years in prison for one count of soliciting sexual conduct with a minor by the use of technology.

-Gray Man asks Abby to go camping and for ‘kissies.’ He acts like a groomer, making him all the more dangerous.

-They have Gray Man’s place of work and the kind of car he has, so they try to catch him while leaving for the day. A blue SUV is spotted, so they get pictures of the plates to run. It is not the guy.

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-Gray Man contacts Abby and saying he will call her on the ten-minute drive home. Everyone jumps into action. Abby asks if he is her boyfriend or dad and he says they will make their own dynamic.

-Gray Man says he might go to Walmart, so she asks if he will buy her a stuffed animal. He says we’ll see and hangs up, but then texts her and asks what kind she wants.

-The SUV is spotted at Walmart while Matt tries to spot him…..and we will find out next time what will happen.

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