Stars on Mars Recap for 8/21/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 8/21/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 8/21/2023

STARS ON MARS: William Shatner meets the Celebronauts on the “Distress Signal” episode of STARS ON MARS airing, Monday, Aug, 21 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Brook Rushton/FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

Stars on Mars Recap for 8/21/2023

-I cannot believe we are almost at the end of the season.

-Everyone is reflecting and chilling as they prepare for the end of the mission.

-It is Mother’s Day on the show. Porsha is sad because she misses her daughter.

-There are no more base commanders, but instead it is every man for themselves.

-Each person will leave something behind to leave their mark. Marshawn leaves a signed bottle, Cat leaves one of her cookbooks, Paul leaves his dominoes, Porsha leaves her daughter’s ultrasound, Adam leaves a picture of him with his husband and dog and Tinashe leaves a piece of art she made while on the mission.

-Shatty Daddy tells them that they need to split up into teams to investigate distress signals. Cat, Adam and Paul are on one team, while Marshawn, Tinashe and Porsha are on the other team.

-The winning team gets to be mission critical, while the second team is at risk for elimination.

-Tinashe knowing the order of the planets because of Blue’s Clues is so adorable. I remember using the sentence My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. But thanks to what happened to Pluto (that’s messed up) I guess it needs to be changed?

-The teams need to put satellites in order based on the planet names.

-Adam, Cat and Paul finish first and need to follow the signal to see what is happening. The other team is at risk of being eliminated.

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-The winning team finds Shatty Daddy, who crash landed. No suit, no helmet….but he is wearing a leather jacket and shades. Despite a false start, they rescue him and bring him to the HAB.

-Adam, Cat and Paul are all mission critical and get their patches from Shatty Daddy.

-The other team needs to stay on the Mars plains and survive on limited resources.

-Shatty Daddy chit chats with everyone. Cat seems to get along with him, making Adam a bit jealous. However, they toast with beer and then Shatty Daddy goes to bed….but not before telling the other three there is only enough oxygen for two of them to survive. They will choose one to race back to the HAB while the other two survive on the plains.

-Tinashe makes a run for the HAB while Porsha and Marshawn survive outside.

-Porsha realizes nobody is coming to rescue them, so she thinks they should walk. Marshawn does not want to and sarcastically tells her to call an Uber. He finally agrees to walk and they make it back to the HAB.

-Porsha and Marshawn get a montage of their time on the show and state why they are mission critical.

-Shatty Daddy talks to the others about who is mission critical and they come to a decision.

-Porsha gets three votes to Marshawn’s one. She stays and he is eliminated.

-Season finale next week, stay tuned!

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