ICYMI: Highlights from The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpump

ICYMI: Highlights from The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpump

ICYMI: Highlights from The Randall Scandal: Love, Loathing and Vanderpum

-I am so glad we get to hear Lala Kent finally talk about what happened with Randall Emmett.

-Money by Monday…..I’m sorry, Fofty will live rent free in my mind for the rest of my life.

-Knowing Lala is doing this for her daughter Ocean is what makes me respect her even more. I am usually against parent bashing, but cases like this, where one of them allegedly committed heinous acts against people, all bets are off.

-Reporter Meg James recalls finding out about Randall and how he allegedly didn’t pay people for their work in his films. She decided to look into it with Amy Kaufman, a fellow journalist. The story was fascinating because they knew he was involved with Lala and Vanderpump Rules.

-In 2021, the ladies got a tip about Randall and decided to deep dive into his life. He was allegedly abusive, owed people money and didn’t pay people for their work.

-They began looking into his origin story and found a fellow classmate named Felix Pire, who recalls him as someone who was always creating movies. He was big, brash and had a lot of grit.

-After high school, Randall went to the School of Performing Arts in NY, then moved to LA, where he began working with Jerry Bruckheimer, Mark Whalberg and many others. He was even supposedly the inspiration for Turtle on Entourage.

-Matt Belloni describes Randall as a hustler determined to make it to the top. He proved this when he went into business with George Furla and became a producer responsible for many hit movies.

-From the outside looking in, it seemed like Randall was living an amazing life.  He and George would promise big named stars like Bruce Willis or John Travolta big money in order to get people to watch the movies. All of this was documented on Randall’s show The Mogul….which never aired.

-Randall went on to work with Martin Scorsese on the movie Silence, which put him on the map.

-Brett Pearson became Randall’s personal assistant during this time. He met him for the first time and had to give him an IV and clothes….all while Randall was in his underwear. The job had a severe impact on his life and mental health, mostly due to Randall’s schedule, behavior and treatment toward him.

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-Randall met his wife Ambyr and married her in 2009. They went on to have two children and she went on to star in You.

-Before long, Randall left her and ended up with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent.

-Lala’s mom Lisa and brother Easton remember her growing up years in Salt Lake City. She loved performing and they knew she would someday make it big.

-Lala’s job at SUR led to her being on VPR and getting many opportunities, including meeting Randall. His assistant was sent to talk to her and ask her to be a part of one of his movies.

-Several podcasts recall having her on the show, particularly during the time initially got involved with Randall.

-At first, Lala and Randall seemed to have a good relationship, especially when Lala was dealing with the death of her father. He took care of her and her family, becoming close to Easton and Lisa.

-By 2018, Randall is working on The Irishman and becomes engaged to Lala. Despite him seeming to have it all, things were falling apart behind closed doors.

-In 2019, Randall becomes involved in a feud with Fifty Cent over money. Fifty posted about it on social media, causing a lot of talk, including the infamous I’m Sorry Fofty line to become known around the universe.

-In September 2019, a show named Pump was in the works. Randall, George and Arnold Schwarzenegger were involved. One of the writers, a  woman named Teresa, claims that he would abuse the interns and wouldn’t feed them and that Arnold was not actually involved.

-The project never ended up happening, causing the writers to lose out on money and insurance that they were relying on the whole time. The WGA had to get involved so that they could get paid. The company refused to pay, so the WGA got a ‘do not work’ order. Randall refused to pay and the writers are still waiting for their money to this day.

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-During this time, Randall was posting about his alleged life of luxury on social media. We was also showing it off on VPR, which didn’t sit well with the people to whom he owed money.

-During this time, Bruce Willis, who was working with Randall, was secretly suffering from his health issues. This caused even more problems with filming…..and Randall’s temper.

-Randall also began exhibiting anger towards people on set, yelling them and cutting corners…..upsetting everyone working with him at the time.

-After Bruce announced his health issues and retirement, word got out about Randall’s behavior on set. Former assistants and workers began talking about his abuse. One assistant named Martin said he interviewed Tuesday, got the job Wednesday and began Thursday. He trained for two days and was on his own. The money was not good and he, along with another assistant named Brett claimed they were expected to also use their own money to pay for food, hotels and other stuff for Randall….leaving them broke by the time they left their jobs.

-At one point, Martin recalls needing to open a safe with another worker. He needed help, so he called security. When it was opened, he discovered that there was cocaine in there, putting him in a dangerous situation.

-Another assistant named Anna recalls also being on call 24/7. She once had to bring him muscle milk and coconut water and when she arrived, he was completely nude. He would display disgusting, disrespectful behavior, including using the restroom in front of her and making her flush.

-Brett recalls being verbally abused by Randall over his meds and Lala coming to his defense. Anna recalls her own verbal abuse, where she was called derogatory names on several occasions.

-At one point, Brett was forced to clean up after Randall’s dog….on the day he was to honor his mother on the anniversary of her death.

-Martin remembers Randall using the N word and realizing he finally had enough.

-Lisa recalls Lala being in labor and Randall wanting a hotel room instead of being with her. He ended up getting a room, but had his assistant bring him Nyquil, sheets and Fireball. He stayed for the birth but left soon after. After Ocean was born, he began ignoring the both of them, leading to Lala falling into a deep depression. Lisa was there through it all and was heartbroken over it.

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-A few months later, Katie Maloney sent Lala pictures of Randall with other women. He denied the allegations, but the news and rumors began to circulate. Lala and the VPR cast began to talk about it…..and Lala herself was attacked by Randall when she went through his phone. He denied this and made it seem like Lala was at fault when he talked to Lisa about the incident.

-Lala knew she needed to leave, so when Randall left for Miami, Lisa helped her escape. Randall got wind of this and made Anna check the house. He went nuts when he found out.

-The cheating became a storyline on VPR, the most memorable being when James called Randall out and Lala telling Schwartz that he was cut out of her life if he remained friends with Randall.

-More news came out about Randall propositioning other women while with Lala, offering them movie roles and the opportunity to have him be their sugar daddy.

-While all this was happening, Randall faced legal issues, including a settlement with Martin and lawsuits with his production company. He has since began a new one and is still working.

-Lala continues to fight Randall in order to protect her daughter.

-Randall’s former assistants still struggle to this day after having to deal with his abuse.

-Ambyr had temporary a restraining order against Randall and was contacted by the FBI regarding his behavior. It was finally settled, and Randall denied any wrongdoing via a social media post.

-During filming of this special, more people came out against Randall and those stories will continue to be investigated.

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