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Night Court Recap for 3/28/2023

Night Court Recap for 3/28/2023

The episode opens with the court dealing with case involving a fight at a wedding expo over a wedding dress. Gurgs and Abby try to deal with it Solomon style while Olivia and Dan plead their cases. Abby makes the ladies being charge pay $200, but one of them runs away with the dress. Gurgs responds with a Game of Thrones act.


Later on, everyone is sitting around discussing weddings. Gurgs wants to know Abby’s plans, but she says they have been on hold sincer her dad died. Neil thinks that maybe she and Rand will break up, but then backtracks.


The gang then offers to help Abby plan the wedding. She is reluctant at first, but then finally agrees to do it right there, right now.


The ladies take Abby to see the wedding expo dresses that were part of her cases, which leads to Abby making the ones in the dresses dance and Gurgs and Olivia arguing over who will do a better job at  being maid of honor. They even decide to get another dress from the expo that Abby wanted.


Neil awkwardly hits on Abby while Dan gets hit on by a wedding planner named Cynthia.


Another case begins, this time with a couple who got caught sneaking into a museum after hour to scope it out for a wedding venue. They get $100 fine.


The next case begins, but this time it is a stripper for Abby….thanks to Gurgs. She tries to get him to stop… calling in another stripper. Abby tells all the strippers to go home, which clears out more than half the room.

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Later on, Abby and Dan share fond memories of Harry. She decides she wants the wedding at the museum from the case.


Gurgs gets Abby another stripper, this time disgused as a pizza man.


Cynthia tries to get Dan to try wedding cake, but he feels guilty taking advantage of her services when he has no intention of remarrying. She won’t take the hint and even proposes on one knee to get him to agree to plan his next wedding. He agrees so she will get off the floor.


Olivia gets the dress Abby wanted, but Gurgs wants credit, so she has yet another stripper take it.



Abby convinced Museum Bride to give up the venue and get married in the court. Everything goes well, until the bride’s dad shows up, causing Abby to run off in tears.


Olivia and Gurgs go to talk to Abby, but give some random woman a pep talk and helping her out.


Dan talks to Abby about what is bothering her and she admits how hard it is to get married without her father being there. The two of them have a heart to heart and he then takes her upstairs to the roof, where there is a special mock wedding set up so her father can be there in spirit. Gurgs and Olivia join and say they helped as co-maids of honor, but Abby says her childhood best friend is getting that honor.


The ladies apologize for not getting the dress, but it turns out Abby had it all along, thanks to giving the stripper free legal advice.

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The episode ends with them eating cake and viewing the city…the good, the bad and the crazy.

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